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Please find below a list of our blog posts, written by various members of the Markes team to highlight interesting topics that have come to our attention, or comment on stories in the news.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020
How correct sorbent choice is essential for tube-based TD Sorbent choice is one of the most critical factors in tube-based thermaldesorption. If the sorbent(s) aren’t strong enough to retain the compounds ofinterest during sampling, no amo...
Wednesday, 1 May 2019
For analytical chemists planning to sample VOCs and SVOCs, selection of ‘industry standard’ sorbent tubes is usually an early item on their checklist.Working with sorbent tubes and caps with a fixed specification is preferred and som...
Monday, 21 January 2019
Of the many things you need to stay on top of as a thermal desorption analyst, ensuring sample integrity is one issue that doesn’t always come to mind.But it’s worth looking afresh at topics like this, dealing with issues that we alm...
Tuesday, 8 January 2019
Peltier cooling is one of the key technologies incorporated into Markes' thermal desorption instruments, but what's the physics behind it?The Peltier effect, despite being first noticed by Jean Peltier in 1834, remained a backwater of physics fo...
Wednesday, 7 December 2016
Ambient air monitoring? Of course… but TD is used for a lot more besides, and in recent years the scope has been expanding further. Our popular series of Application Guides have long been the ‘go-to’ source of information on T...
Wednesday, 19 August 2015
Forensic science and the CSI effectForensic science is easy these days, isn’t it? Got a scrapingof paint from a suspect’s car? Stick it into your analytical magic-machine, andyou’ll know the make, model and year within what &he...
Thursday, 9 July 2015
Full steam ahead for our analytical chemistry awareness campaign“I’m on the train!” Well, not exactly. But you might have seen us from the train, if you’ve been travelling between Swansea and London over the past week or ...
Wednesday, 10 June 2015
What’s the link between GC×GC–MS and US presidents? The answer to this strange question was explained at last month’s 39th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and the 12th GC×GC Symposium (ISCC/GC&ti...
Monday, 1 June 2015
Last week I went to the Healthy Buildings conference, which this year was in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This is always a very interesting conference, covering as it does a wide range of topics relating to the indoor environment.This year, the c...
Friday, 24 April 2015
We did it! Six months after submitting our application, everyone at Markes is delighted with the news that we have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.You can read our news release here, but to summarise we are one of the few UK companies t...
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