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Markes’ TD100-xr is a great piece of kit that is designed with the user in mind. The cold trap is easy to change compared to other manufacturers, the software is great, and troubleshooting is easy.
Sunita Shah
Firmenich UK Ltd


Beacon’s laboratory has used the Markes ULTRA and UNITY systems since 2003 when we identified that the Markes TD instruments are the best on the market. Since then, other instrument manufacturers have aggressively tried to get us to switch to their systems, but a decade later... Beacon continues to use Markes for three reasons: 1) superior instrument performance, 2) highly responsive technical support, and 3) the fact that the entire Markes team has shown from day one that they sincerely care about our success.
Harry O’Neill
President, Beacon Environmental Services, USA


BAT required a novel instrumental capability for the separation, identification and semi-quantification of volatile organic compounds in complex aerosols at very low concentrations. After reviewing a number of commercially available instruments, BAT considered the Markes BenchTOF in combination with thermal desorption sampling. BAT was satisfied with the initial evaluations, leading BAT to purchase a Markes BenchTOF in 2012. BAT worked closely with Markes over a number of months to successfully optimise the application and since this first deployment, BAT has purchased two additional BenchTOFs to increase the capacity in this key area of research.
British American Tobacco
United Kingdom


I love the Easy-VOC pump and the 10-tube carrying case. Its field portability was critical to the methods we used for sampling air in the Amazon rainforest canopy – I climbed towers, trees, and canopy walkways with the Easy-VOC system. I even designed our experiment (one ‘no-collect’ and samples at nine canopy heights) specifically because of the 10-tube capacity of the case. I particularly love the circular position-specific wrenches – genius!

Using the Easy-VOC, we collected 1 L samples of ambient air in under 4 minutes, which combined with our extremely sensitive TD100–GC–MS system gave us results that could be compared with those from PTR-MS (for highly time-resolved continuous monitoring of total monoterpenes). Combining eddy covariance PTR-MS techniques with the Easy-VOC–TD–GC–MS methods should enable us to calculate fluxes of speciated monoterpenes into and out of the forest.
Dr Angela Jardine
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Manaus, Brazil


MAS purchased two of these units [TD100] in the past year to replace earlier model thermal desorption units from another manufacturer. The replacements and a change to Markes was prompted by a desire to minimize instrument down time, move to a trap design, eliminate de-capping issues and increase our overall analytical sensitivity. Our use and reliance on these new instruments over the past 6 to 12 months has proven to be a sound investment. Specifically the units are easier to operate and diagnose issues as the pressure is handled by the GC. Overall we have experienced more accuracy, significantly better precision and far less maintenance issues. We have found that the unit has particularly been beneficial in sensitive odor projects.
Martin Bennett
Materials Analytical Services, (MAS) LLC, USA


One week in, the instrument [CIA Advantage canister autosampler] has performed flawlessly and we have now put it through its paces for all of the various methods we run. Nearly all of the calibration RSDs have been below 1 and those that have not been are still single digit!

Your install and training was one of the best new instrument installs we have ever had! [With other companies], the usual "training" consists of a quick tutorial of the software and instrument and then we are left to our own devices. It was nice to get an in-depth overview of the instrument and software as well as troubleshooting techniques.

We appreciate the quick install Markes was able to provide us, and look forward to many years of working with Markes on all of our air testing needs.
Mike McCallum
New England Testing Laboratory, USA


We have been so impressed with BenchTOF that we have now bought another one...
Professor Steve Rowland
University of Plymouth, UK


Our two BenchTOF are the ultimate trace gas detectors: highly sensitive, very reliable and convenient to use.
Peter Boeker
University of Bonn, Germany


The BenchTOF is very useful for exact analysis and identification of both known and unknown substances. Its high resolution and measurement speed combined with specialised background correction and NIST-searchable spectra provides lot of information. Nice to work with!"
Dipl.-Chem. Moritz Heil
Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (ICT), Germany


The Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor helps us to look at many material samples in parallel and quickly identify what chemicals are being emitted. This can be a real help before we start emission tests in large environmental chambers.
Wolfgang Horn
BAM, Germany


Our laboratory is full of Markes instrumentation to conduct thermal desorption of volatiles and subsequent detection by TOF MS. With the great technical support of Markes, we are pursuing pioneering research strategies in the analysis of various volatile organics and odorants.
Professor Ki-Hyun Kim
Sejong University, Korea


The impressive sensitivity, speed and spectral quality of BenchTOF has enabled us to address research questions that literally ‘escaped’ our previous set-up.
Dr Carsten Müller
School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, UK


It is a pleasure to work with Markes – the combination of reliable thermal desorption systems and a knowledge of application areas helps us to solve all our problems in the VOC field.
Mikaela Decio
MAPEI SpA, Italy


At Fraunhofer IPA, we use Markes’ Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor for qualification measurements for the CSM (Cleanroom-Suitable Materials) industrial alliance project. It is the perfect tool to get comparable results faster than large scale emission chambers and with a high throughput. For out-gassing measurements from medicinal products, the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor is an excellent tool. We developed and installed an automation solution for the insertion and removal of the sorbent tubes. For this, the usage of Markes’ DiffLok tubes is mandatory. The TC-20 tube conditioner enables us to remove even smallest contaminants from the sorbent tubes in order to measure trace-level VOC concentrations in cleanroom manufacturing sites for the semiconductor and space industries.
Markus Keller
Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA, Germany 


We have had a positive experience of the robustness and sensitivity of the TD–GC–BenchTOF MS system provided by Markes. Also, we have been very satisfied with the high level of technical support received and the ease of communication with the scientific team at Markes. We have considerable confidence in Markes as a company.
Luciano Vera
Odournet SL, Spain


TargetView helps me when I’m working with complex samples that have many compounds. It saves a lot of time because, with a very clear report, I can confirm or detect the compounds of interest. I think it is a friendly package and easy to use, because I can import files from different mass spectrometry software.
Dr Amado Enrique Navarro Frómeta
Universidad Tecnológica de Izúcar de Matamoros, Mexico


Our BenchTOF was installed in January 2011 and we have primarily been using it on a medical diagnostics application in which we are attempting to find potential biomarkers of an infectious hospital ‘superbug’. The distinct advantage of the BenchTOF over rival systems is the increased sensitivity and speed of the analysis. It also helps that the system and accompanying software is ‘student-proof’!
Mitesh Patel
Cranfield University, UK


In our work on biomarker discovery, and in some of our commercial work, we often find ourselves in a position where our target analytes are at very low abundance compared to other compounds in the sample. The availability of a [BenchTOF] time-of-flight system as the detector for our TD–GC–MS system means that we can still get reliable identifcation and quantification without the need for additional selected ion monitoring analyses.
Dr Christopher Walton
Cranfield University, UK


TargetView’s ability to process multiple file types saves us significant time because one technician can process data from three different GC–MS systems.
Dr Kieran Kilcawley
Teagasc Food Research Centre, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland


Our project looks at the composition of nanoparticle diesel exhaust emissions. Utilising GC×GC in conjunction with BenchTOF-Select, we have been able to identify compounds that we would not normally be able to using conventional GC and/or mass spectrometry.

Many of the compounds that are of interest in the samples collected from the exhaust tailpipe consist of an infinite number of aliphatic isomers. Due to many of our target species being non-polar (usually aliphatics) and having similar fragmentation patterns, it is very difficult to identify molecules of similar retention times [by conventional GC×GC–MS].

However, [with Select-eV] we are able to change the ionisation energy from the conventional 70 eV to a very respectable 10 eV. This has not only allowed us to observe the molecular ions of species, but has also led us to identifying the positioning of branching of straight-chain aliphatic isomeric compounds due to their individual unique fragmentation patterns.

This fantastic work by Markes International has enabled us to continue to produce top-quality research, allowing us to publish outstanding results.
Dr Mohammed Alam
School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK


Being able to split and re-collect desorption flows on Markes’ TD systems eliminates the worries we used to have about losing valuable samples ... I really like the simplicity of the software on Markes’ TD systems – it makes method development so much easier.
Claudia Lange
Project Manager – Emission of Automotive Parts and Indoor Analysis
DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Germany


Breath analysis is an important part of our medical research studies. Having a device that allows for the rapid, simple and patient friendly collection of breath are key requirements of these projects. Markes' Bio-VOC fulfils these roles and more. It has been a cornerstone of our research effort in this area for almost five years.
Professor James Covington
School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK


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