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Cleaning products, air fresheners and other perfumed products

Plastic detergent bottlesEPHECT

EPHECT was a Europe-wide project on ‘emissions, exposure patterns and health effects of consumer products’ that aimed to provide the tools that would allow risks associated with the indoor use of consumer products to be reduced.

The main focus was the identification and quantification of a set of key indoor air pollutants and emerging pollutants emitted by a selection of consumer product classes, under conditions simulating those typically found in European buildings.

Product types covered included:

  • Cleaning agents (gels, liquids, sprays, powders, tissues, creams).
  • Furniture and floor polishes (liquids, sprays, tissues).
  • Combustible air fresheners (candles, incense).
  • Air fresheners (sprays and passive units and electric units).
  • Insecticides (electric units).
  • Coatings for hard surfaces, leather, or textiles.
  • Hair styling products (sprays, gels).
  • Deodorant sprays.
  • Perfumes.

A final set of policy recommendations and a final building material and consumer product database (BUMAC) were scheduled to appear in May 2013, but have not yet been published.

Combustible air fresheners and scented candles

ScentedcandlesParallel to the EPHECT project, the European Committee for Standardization created a new technical committee, CEN TC 421 (‘Emission safety of combustible air fresheners and similar products’).

This committee will:

  • Develop standardised methods for testing emissions from these products.
  • Develop methodology for the assessment of test results and define how to apply recommended concentration limits.

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