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Air monitoring equipment endorsed by the Chinese government

Monday, 19 June 2017 at 1:10:PM

Flag of ChinaMarkes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced that its automated air-monitoring systems for both canister and tube sampling have been officially endorsed by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection. This cements their long-standing reputation as high-performance, well-designed and cost-effective technologies for the analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs).

The endorsed technologies, which are based on the company’s UNITY-xr, CIA Advantage and TD100-xr instruments, were jointly granted a ‘3iPET’ Environmental Technology Award following a rigorous six-month assessment procedure involving independent review, meetings and site visits. The award was officially received by Markes’ Sales Manager for the Asia-Pacific region, Dr Chris Llewellyn, at a ceremony in Beijing on 12 June.

By providing an official government ‘seal of approval’ on Markes’ leading air-monitoring technologies, the award is expected to greatly increase the appeal of the company’s equipment to Chinese scientists when making purchasing decisions.

The receipt of the 3iPET award is also a significant accomplishment for Markes as a company. Markes’ Technical Marketing Director, Dr Massimo Santoro, said “As well as being a reassurance to potential customers, the award helps increase the visibility of Markes in China, through exposure to regional audiences on government websites, at industry forums and at official communication events.”

“In fact, the award comes at a time when we are already making significant efforts to extend the reach of our business into China. The current focus on environmental protection in China is obviously a major driver in the field of analytical chemistry, and the benefits for both our company and our customers will be strengthened further by this endorsement.”

The 3iPET Awards are run by the International Center for Environmental Technology of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, and are presented to well-designed, cost-effective, technologies with practical application for prevention, control and monitoring of pollution in air, water and soil. This year the organising committee recognised 33 technologies in the field of environmental protection, including emission-reduction and remediation systems as well as analytical instruments.

Further information can be found on the 3iPET website.

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英国Markes International 公司环境监测仪器荣获环保部 “百强环保技术”  

英国Markes International 公司(Llantrisant, UK)宣布其分析吸附管和气罐样品的空气监测系统已正式获中国环保部对外合作中心认可。

该荣誉提升了该技术在分析挥发性和半挥发有机物(VOCs和SVOCs)方面性能优越、工艺精湛、经济合理的长期声誉。 在中国环境保护部环境对外合作中心组织的“第二届环保技术国际智汇平台(3iPET))百强环保技术”评选中,公司的UNITY-xr、 CIA Advantage 及TD100-xr合并入选“3iPET 百强环保技术”名录。该评选过程历时半年,组织数十位行业权威专家经过独立评审、会议评审、现场考察等程序,侧重筛选出工艺成熟并且可在市场广泛推广的实用技术。Markes 公司的亚太区销售经理 Dr Chris Llewellyn于6月12日在北京参加了授证仪式。


成功入选“3iPET 百强环保技术”名录对Markes 公司也是一项重要成就。Markes 的技术市场总监Dr Massimo Santoro 表示 “除了对潜在客户的保证外,该奖项通过在政府网站,行业论坛和官方交流活动中向不同地区观众进行宣传,有助于提高Markes在中国的知名度。”

“事实上,这个奖项的到来,正是在我们做出重大努力扩展我们中国业务的时候。 目前中国针对环境保护的高度关注显然有力地推动了是分析化学领域的发展,并且本公司与客户的利益将通过该荣誉得到进一步加强。”


该获奖技术详情在3iPET 网站的线上平台上展示。  

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