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An update for counter-terrorism and chemical agent specialists: Enhanced sensitivity for trace agent detection using a NEW high-throughput ‘DAAMS’ tube analyzer

Saturday, 1 September 2007 at 11:07:AM


Markes' customers in chemical warfare and counter-terrorism arenas have been so impressed by the analytical performance and automation capability of Markes ULTRA-UNITY TD system for standard 3.5-inch sorbent tubes that they have asked us to make the same technology available for stocks of 4.5-inch sorbent ‘DAAMS’ (Depot Area Air Monitoring System) tubes.

In response to this, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Auto-DAAMS, a state-of-the-art automated thermal desorber, for up to 100 4.5-inch (115 mm) tubes incorporating the field-proven reliability and peerless analytical performance of ULTRA-UNITY.

Auto-DAAMS is compatible with both standard and high flow 4.5-inch DAAMS tubes i.e. both 6 mm OD tubes and 10 mm OD tubes with 6 mm ends.

Markes' Auto-DAAMS offers all the technical advantages of standard ULTRA-UNITY systems. Key capabilities include:

  • Detection down to general population limit (GPL) levels (i.e. below 0.001 µg/m3) via efficient, electrically-cooled focusing and ultra-fast trap desorption.
  • Analysis of all GC-compatible CW agents, including CS gas and free-(underivatized) VX, on a single TD platform.
  • Compatibility with high concentrations – Short Term Exposure Levels (STEL) or Immediate Danger to Life and Health levels (IDLH).
  • Maximized throughput with unattended fully-automated analysis for up to 100 DAAMS tubes.
  • Reduced false positives and enhanced data integrity via stringent sample validation steps (leak testing, effective tube seals, repeat analysis, retention time stabilisation, etc.)
  • Robust operation in mobile, field and onsite monitoring locations.
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