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British Measurement and Testing Association | One-day conference

Monday, 4 October 2010 at 3:38:PM

BMTA Seminar:

New Construction Products Regulations
Opportunities for Manufacturers and Test Laboratories: How to Win

BRE Watford, 17th November 2010

Consumer safety concerns are driving tighter controls for chemical release from everyday products and creating new markets for low-emission (‘green’) materials. This BMTA seminar is bringing together a number of European experts to provide UK manufacturers and test laboratories with information on how to minimise the burden of regulatory compliance and make the most of this new market opportunity.

High profile international regulatory developments and increased consumer awareness of ‘green’ issues are placing new demands on manufacturers for improved assessment and labelling of products in terms of their intentional or unintentional release (emission) of chemicals to indoor air. Key examples are the EC Construction Product Regulation (CPR) which is expected to supercede the 1989 Construction Products Directive (CPD) shortly, national initiatives such as those in Germany and France for labelling of products and planned amendments to US building codes.

Under the CPR, a wide range of construction products will have to comply with harmonised standards or European Technical Assessments in order to meet the sustainability criteria. Many materials will require chemical emissions testing in accordance with limits and CEN standards which are currently under development. Affected trades include floor coverings/finishes, wall coverings, insulation materials, wood-based products, paints & coatings, plasterboard, sealants & screed, adhesives and associated suppliers.

‘Green Chemistry’ legislation is also expected to impact other sectors. The EC REACH Directive and Chinese ‘REACH’ regulations for example, both cover chemical release and will affect wide range of consumer goods - toys, furniture, cleaning products, etc..

Focusing on construction materials, decorative products and furnishings; the speakers at this event will update delegates on the new regulations and standards and how they are expected to impact manufacturers and test laboratories. They will also consider whether the new regulations need to be a burden to manufacturing industry or whether benefits can derive from the new market place for low emission products and what business opportunities there may be. Delegates will hear about implementation of the AgBB emission testing scheme in Germany, new proficiency schemes for emission testing, how emission screening can be cost-effectively implemented and how to make the most of new market opportunities.

The event will be of interest to manufacturers particularly those with an interest in developing innovative or novel products. The event will also be of interest to test laboratories concerned with product safety / certification and monitoring volatile organic pollutants – human exposure, indoor air quality, etc.

Co-sponsors include BRE Global, The Institute of Environment and Health, and Markes International Ltd

Further information and a booking form can be found on the organisers (British Measurement and Testing Association) website.

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