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Comprehensive fragrance profiling of essential oils – New article published

Friday, 4 November 2016 at 1:47:PM

Current Trends in Mass Spectrometry - Essential Oil AnalysisThe October 2016 issue of the LCGC supplement Current Trends in Mass Spectrometry features an article by Markes’ analysts that uses GC–TOF MS to characterise​ the fragrance of essential oils.

The study ​looks at three very different essential oils​ – ginger, wintergreen, and rosemary​ – and shows how the sensitivity of BenchTOF time-of-flight instruments and the deconvolution capabilities of the associated software can allow the generation of comprehensive peak listings. In addition, the article explores the use of soft electron ionisation, assisted by comparison of ion ratios, to discriminate between isomeric monoterpenes that are difficult to identify at conventional 70–eV ionization energies because of their very similar mass spectra.​

This approach ensures that confident identification of the maximum number of analytes is achieved for these complex mixtures – which is particularly important for quality control within the fragrance industry.

To read the article in full, download it from our website here.

D. Barden, L. McGregor and S. Smith, Comprehensive ​fragrance ​profiling of ​ginger, ​wintergreen, and ​rosemary ​essential ​oils by GC–TOF-MS with ​soft ​electron ​ionization, Current Trends in Mass Spectrometry, ​October 2016, vol. 1​4, issue ​4, pp. 1​8–2​6.

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