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HS-TD technology for the routine detection of ppt level odorants in drinking water

Thursday, 20 September 2007 at 11:10:AM

Technical Note (TDTS) # 78 & Product Brochure (HS-TD)

Markes International announces routine detection of ppt level geosmin, methyl-i-borneol and other odorants in drinking water using its new expanded range of equilibrium headspace - thermal desorption (HS-TD) technology.
Designed to integrate with several leading brands of HS systems, the Markes HS-TD system integrates two of the most important GC sample introduction techniques – equilibrium headspace (HS) and thermal desorption (TD). HS-TD opens up new possibilities to users who need enhanced sensitivity for HS applications and/or require a versatile sample introduction system capable of dealing with any matrix: Solid, liquid or gas.

HS-TD incorporates the Markes UNITY thermal desorber, with its market leading trapping technology and pioneering quantitative sample re-collection facility. The combined system offers three modes of operation:

  • Automated HS-trap – offering enhanced sensitivity and a wider volatility range than conventional headspace and without the foaming and complexity of purge-and-trap
  • Method-compliant analytical thermal desorption (TD)
  • Conventional automated equilibrium headspace (HS)

Data are presented in a new Markes technical publication, TDTS78. Low ppt levels of geosmin, methyl-i-borneol and other odorants in drinking water were detected using headspace–thermal desorption (HS-TD). This shows robust routine operation of the HS-TD system for monitoring key odour compounds such as geosmin and methyl-i-borneol, down to 1 ppt levels in drinking water. This is 10x lower than the olfactory threshold. At a time when drinking water quality is increasingly important due to water shortages around the world, this application will be of interest to every drinking water laboratory.

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