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Markes International GmbH dedicates a day to organic analysis, as it opens its doors in Germany

Thursday, 24 October 2013 at 8:52:AM

Markes Intrernational GmbHUK-based analytical technology supplier Markes International yesterday opened its brand-new Technical Support Centre near Frankfurt, Germany.

Hard on the heels of their recent expansion in the United States, Markes’ latest Technical Centre will enable the company to provide faster and more focused technical and applications support to their growing customer-base in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and across Europe.

Marking the occasion with a day-long seminar (workshop), the new facility hosted a number of distinguished speakers from across the German research and regulatory communities. Speakers included Maurus Biedermann (Kantonales Labor Zürich), Dr. Peter Boeker (Universität Bonn), Christine Däumling (German Federal Environment Agency (UBA)) and Dr. Erik Uhde (Fraunhofer Institut für Holzforschung (WKI)), all of whom have worked in related research or regulatory fields for many years.

Speaker sessions covered topics ranging from food analysis and odour measurement to the emissions control of building products and material analysis.

Embracing the theme ‘Major Technical Developments For Enhanced Organic Analysis And Their Relevance To Changing Applications’, more than 40 scientists joined founders Alun Cole and Elizabeth Woolfenden to celebrate the inaugural event.

As experts gathered to learn, network and share their expertise in the field of trace organic analysis technology, staff from the UK and US offices helped to demonstrate Markes International’s latest technologies including their thermal desorption and mass spectrometry equipment range, alongside their analytical software package, TargetView.

Elizabeth Woolfenden, Managing Director of Markes International, outlined her enthusiasm for the expansion plans: “Markes specialises in innovative technical solutions for analysing organic chemicals at the lowest possible levels and in the most challenging samples. We’ve recently seen rapid growth in demand from scientists in Germany and across Europe, and the new Technical Centre will help ensure we can continue to offer the best possible service to our expanding customer base in this region - we are very excited about it.”

Ms. Woolfenden was also keen to explain the advantages to the company: “German regulators, manufacturers and research centres are at the forefront of developments in areas such as odour analysis, material testing and environmental science, which are key applications for Markes’ technology. We feel it’s important for our specialists to engage closely with German customers and look forward to the closer collaboration that the new Technical Centre will allow.”

“We are very pleased that Markes International has chosen to establish its latest Technical Centre for mass spectrometry and thermal desorption technology in Germany”, said Florian G. Schauenburg, CEO of the Schauenburg International Group which acquired a majority share in Markes late last year. “Not only will the new Centre serve as home for one of their multidisciplinary technical support teams, but it will inevitably improve the service provided locally and increase the company’s understanding of the needs of German customers. This can only enhance the Markes brand experience”.

Alun Cole, Managing Director of Markes International, stated: “We’re really proud of the growth Markes International has achieved over recent years and are delighted that the company is now able to expand its technical expertise with multiple overseas centres.”

Speaking after today’s successful inaugural event, Mr Cole emphasised that the opening of the new Frankfurt Technical Centre is another significant milestone for Markes International - positioning the company for the next phase of business expansion. He also stressed the importance of the German market and Markes’ determination to work alongside German customers, providing innovative technical solutions backed up with expert local support.

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