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Markes’ TOF MS technologies to be highlighted at events in Autumn 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014 at 12:50:PM

Specialists at Markes International will be highlighting the principles and applications of their technologies for time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF MS) at four events over the coming month.

New developments in TOF MSSwansea University Logo

Markes will be part-sponsoring a seminar on TOF MS technologies at the College of Medicine, Swansea University, UK, on 30 October 2014. Covering the theory and practical applications of high-resolution mass spectrometry, and highlighting a range of recent developments, the organisers say that the seminar will be useful to those considering upgrading their existing MS instruments, or switching from alternative methods such as LC–MS.

Markes’ TOF expert, Nick Bukowski, will deliver the following presentation at 10:45:
BenchTOF and Select-eV: Unlocking the power of soft ionisation with none of the hassle

Environmental water analysisWWEM 2014 logo

The Environmental and Food Analysis Special Interest Group of BMSS will be meeting at the 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM), in Telford, UK on 5 November 2014. This meeting will examine the methodologies used to analyse environmental water and related matrices containing target compounds with a range of physico-chemical properties.

Markes’ TOF MS specialist, Dr Laura McGregor, will deliver the following presentation at 14:30:
Enhanced screening of environmental pollutants in water by GCxGC–TOF MS with soft electron ionisation

Cheese analysisCheese symposium logo

Markes will be exhibiting at the 9th Cheese Symposium in Cork, Ireland, on 12–13 November 2014, which will cover a range of themes related to cheese research and current market trends. 

Markes’ Business Development Specialist, Gareth Roberts, will deliver the following presentation in Session 3 (Cheese: Sensory and Flavour Chemistry) at 17:20 on 12 November:
Aroma profiling of cheese by thermal desorption–GC–TOF MS with variable-energy ionisation. A poster with the same title will also be displayed in the same session.

Petrochemical analysis

The Royal Society of Chemistry are having a meeting on 14 November 2014 in London entitled "Meeting the Petrochemical Challenge with Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry".

Markes is a Gold sponsor for the meeting and Dr Laura McGregor will deliver the following presentation:
Enhanced crude oil fingerprinting by GCxGC–TOF MS with soft electron ionisation.

VDI logoAtmospheric chemistry

Markes will be exhibiting at the 1st VDI Expert Forum on Atmospheric Chemistry in Bonn, Germany, on 19–20 November 2014. This event aims to highlight the atmospheric gas-phase processes of NMVOCs, nitrogen oxides and ozone, as well as techniques for their measurement.

Markes’ TOF MS specialist, Dr Leonhard Pollack, will present the following poster:
New advances in environmental air monitoring

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