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Markes’ experts to speak at leading chromatography symposium

Monday, 27 April 2015 at 1:00:PM

ISCC & GCxGXC symposium 2015Markes International’s GC and GC×GC specialists will be highlighting a range of thermal desorption and TOF MS technologies at the next ISCC & GC×GC symposium in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, from 16–21 May.

A lunchtime seminar, titled “Recent advances in time-of-flight mass spectrometry: Bridging the gap between MS and NMR”, will be presented at 12:30 on 17 May in Crystal Ballroom A. Markes’ specialists Nick Bukowski and Dr Laura McGregor will highlight how mass spectrometry, especially using soft electron ionisation, can complement NMR by providing an extra level of molecular information.

Five posters, split between the two parts of the conference, will focus on various aspects of Markes’ TD and TOF MS technologies that enhance the capability of GC and GC×GC:

ISCC poster sessions:

  • Chemical fingerprinting of tobacco and related products by TD–GC–TOF MS.

  • Passive monitoring – A guide to sorbent tube sampling for US EPA Method 325.

GC×GC poster sessions:
  • Enhanced characterisation of allergens in cosmetics by GC×GC–TOF MS with soft electron ionisation.

  • Linking suspects to the scene of a crime: Identification of tear gas lachrymators on clothing.

  • Chemical fingerprinting of crude oils: Gaining an extra dimension from GC×GC–TOF MS (This poster will also be presented by Dr Laura McGregor in the main conference program, Session 2 – Instrument and method development).

Also not to be missed is the latest issue of The Analytical Scientist – free to all attendees – which contains an article on work carried out at Markes in collaboration with government agency Natural Resources Wales and the University of Portsmouth.

The article, titled “The Softly-Softly Approach”, looks at how GC×GC–TOF MS technologies can be coupled with Markes’ variable-energy electron ionisation technology to achieve full characterisation of emerging environmental contaminants in complex samples.

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