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Markes holds a one-day seminar/workshop on VOC/SVOC analysis – Food and consumer products

Thursday, 10 January 2013 at 11:43:AM

Following the huge success of the inaugural environmental seminar last year, Markes International and ALMSCO International will be holding another one-day seminar and workshop on 26 February 2013 at its Technical Resource Centre in Llantrisant, near Cardiff, UK.

The theme of the workshop will be the application of high-definition GC/TOF MS and thermal desorption for volatile profiling and compound identification in complex samples, with particular focus on:

  • Food, flavour and fragrance 
  • Consumer products.
The full agenda for the day is:

9:15 Registration and coffee
9:45  Welcome and introduction
10:00 Application of high-definition TOF MS for the determination of trace compounds in Foods and Fragrances
Nick Bukowski, ALMSCO International
10:40 Comprehensive analysis of potentially migrating components from food packaging materials by two-dimensional GCxGC/TOF MS
Dr Maurus Biedermann, Official Food Control Authority of the Canton of Zurich
11:25 Coffee break
11:35 Thermal desorption techniques coupled with GC/TOF MS for the analysis of flavours, odours and contaminants in food and consumer products
Dr Paul Morris, Markes International
12:15 Session 1 of 3 Rotating parallel workshop sessions:
  • Demonstration of GC×GC techniques coupled with BenchTOF-dx – Advanced capabilities for the separation and identification of complex samples
    Dr Steve Smith, Markes International
  • Micro-Chamber dynamic headspace extraction and Thermal Desorption coupled to GC/TOF MS for the analysis of volatiles in food, packaging and consumer products
    Dr Paul Morris, Markes International
  • TargetView compound identification software for the identification and reporting of trace compounds in complex samples
    Gareth Roberts, Markes International
12:45  Lunch
13:45 Workshop session 2 
14:15  Workshop session 3
14:45  Coffee break
15:00 Analysis of volatile bouquets of ready-to-eat fresh products for assessment of quality and safety by offline headspace sampling and thermal desorption coupled to GC/TOF MS
Dr Carsten Müller, University of Cardiff
15:45 Closing remarks
16:00 Close


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