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Markes launches new products for sample preparation at Pittcon 2020

Monday, 10 February 2020 at 10:26:AM

Pittcon 2020 logoMarkes International will be launching the newest version of its successful Centri® multi-mode sample automation and concentration platform for GC–MS at Pittcon 2020, which will be held at McCormick Place, Chicago, from 1–5 March. It will also be launching two new thermal desorption instruments specifically for the chemical warfare agent market – TD100-xr DAAMS, an automated thermal desorption unit accommodating DAAMS (Depot Area Air Monitoring System) tubes, and a thermal desorption autosampler for DAAMS tubes, which adds to the company’s popular UNITY-xr thermal desorption instrument. Markes will also be exhibiting the newest additions to its supplies range of products.

Discover more – deliver more on booth #4743

This year, Markes will be sharing its booth space (#4743) with its sister company, SepSolve Analytical, that specialises in providing sample preparation, GC×GC, TOF MS and software packages for a variety of applications. Both companies are members of the Schauenburg Analytics Ltd group of companies.


Markes will also be providing an overview of the various tools available for sample collection onto sorbent tubes for analysis by thermal desorption, demonstrating the versatility of this technique across applications including environmental monitoring, clinical/human health and testing of materials.

  • Demonstration: A whistlestop tour of sorbent tube sampling for thermal desorption Tuesday 3 March (16:00–16:15)
    DemoZone I – Booth 1429

Scientific presentations

In addition to its exhibit, Markes will be presenting the following, showcasing recent developments in VOC and SVOC analysis:


  • Analysing chemicals released in breathing gas pathway in compliance with ISO
    Helen Martin (Markes International).
    Monday 2 March (09:10–09:30) Room W175A
  • Sampling and analysis of perfluoroalkyl substances in air using TD–GC­–MS
    Nicola Watson (Markes International).
    Tuesday 3 March (13:50–14:10) Room W176A
  • Innovative solutions to extend selectivity and sensitivity of VOC analysis in soils
    Helen Martin (Markes International)
    Thursday 5 March (13:50–14:10) Room W179A


  • The use of headspace, sorptive extraction and thermal desorption with GC–MS for the analysis of cannabis terpenes in edibles and oils
    Abstract no. 603-3P
    Tuesday 3 March (10:00–12:00)
    Exposition Floor, back of aisles 4500-4600
  • Enhancing the sensitivity of solid-phase micro extraction (SPME) and sorptive extraction using Peltier cooled preconcentration technology with GC–MS analysis
    Abstract no. 604-3P
    Tuesday 3 March (10:00–12:00)
    Exposition Floor, back of aisles 4500-4600
  • Comprehensive VOC profiling of meat aroma and flavour using automated extraction techniques with GC–MS analysis
    Abstract no. 604-12P
    Tuesday 3 March (10:00–12:00)
    Exposition Floor, back of aisles 4500-4600
  • The use of immersive and headspace sorptive extraction techniques with GC–MS for the analysis of aroma profiles and odorants in wine
    Abstract no. 604-13P
    Tuesday 3 March (10:00–12:00)
    Exposition Floor, back of aisles 4500-4600
  • Application and validation of a pocket diffusive (POD) sampler for determination of VOCs in air using TD‒GC–MS
    Abstract no. 626-5P
    Tuesday 3 March (10:00–12:00)
    Exposition Floor, back of aisles 4500-4600
  • New car smell: What’s in the air?
    Abstract no. 626-1P
    Thursday 5 March (10:00–12:00)
    Exposition Floor, back of aisles 4500-4600

A list of scientific presentations at Pittcon 2020 from SepSolve Analytical Ltd can be found on its website here

If you would like a reprint of any of these posters or a copy of theoral presentation, then please email us here

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