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Markes presents and exhibits at HTC-13 in Bruges, Belgium

Wednesday, 29 January 2014 at 4:40:PM

Markes International will highlight exciting advances being made in GC–TOF MS technology at the 13th International Symposium on Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography and Separation Technology (HTC-13), which will be held in Bruges, Belgium, from 28–31 January.

The centrepiece of Markes’ activities at the symposium will be the launch of their Select-eV technology, which is poised to revolutionise the way that analysts use electron ionisation for GC–MS. By enabling the energy of ionising electrons to be changed on a sliding scale, Select-eV allows the production of reference-quality EI mass spectra with conventional full-fragmentation patterns, and repeatable ‘soft-ionisation’ spectra exhibiting reduced fragmentation and an enhanced molecular ion.

Full details of Select-eV, and an illustration of its use across a range of GC–MS applications, will be given in a presentation by Nick Bukowski and Laura McGregor, “Select-eV: Changing the future of GC–MS”, to be held in the main auditorium on Thursday 30.

Other symposium sessions will highlight some of Markes’ collaborations with key researchers in the field during the development of Select-eV, while the poster sessions will pick out specific applications of the technology, along with the BenchTOF time-of-flight mass spectrometers for which it has been developed.

Select-eV: Changing the future of GC–MS
Nick Bukowski and Laura McGregor
Auditorium, Thursday 30 January, 1:00 pm

High performance screening of environmental pollutants in water
Anthony Gravell et al.
Erasmus Room, Thursday 30 January, 5:30 pm

A fresh approach to chemical profiling of complex flavour and fragrance mixtures
Laura McGregor et al.
Morus Room, RSC ‘Chemometrics’ session; Friday 31 January, 10:10 am

A sticky problem for seabirds: identification of a polyisobutylene spill
Paul Sutton et al.
Erasmus Room, Friday 31 January, 11:30 am

Poster presentations

Select-eV: Increasing dimensionality in GC×GC–TOF MS
Laura McGregor et al.

Enhanced aroma profiling with GC–TOF MS with selective ionisation
Nick Bukowski et al.

The use of high-definition TD–GC–TOF MS for challenging analyses in the food industry
Bob Green et al.
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