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Markes presents at Healthy Buildings, 2012

Thursday, 28 June 2012 at 11:25:AM

As in previous years, Markes will be giving several presentations at the 10th Healthy Buildings conference, to be held in at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia (8–12 July, 2012).

Oral Presentations

  • Chemical release from products and materials: Innovations to simplify chemical emission testing for industry – Dr Caroline Widdowson (Material Emission Specialist, Markes International)
    [Date 10/07/12, Time 10:00–11:45, Room P4]

Poster Presentation

  • Harmonising analysis of VOCs from spray polyurethane foam insulation – Dr Caroline Widdowson (Material Emission Specialist, Markes International)
    [Date 10/07/12, Poster board number 8]

All about LCI

  • Fostering low emission products by health related labelling – what is the impact of long or short LCI (target) lists? – Dr Christine Däumling, Federal Environment Agency and AgBB, Germany
  • US database on product emissions and matching assessment tools – Dr Marilyn Black, Greenguard and UL AQS, USA
  • Designing healthy indoor spaces by using LCI/Crels and emission rates of materials – What has to be cared for? – Dr Hal Levin, Building Ecology Research Group, California, US
  • Robust measurement of LCI emissions for reliable product assessment – What tools are available? Where are limits? – Dr Caroline Widdowson, Material Emission Specialist, Markes International
    [Date 10/07/2012, Time 15:00, Room P9]

Validation of VOC and formaldehyde emissions testing: Reference materials and analytical check standards

  • Reference Material Development – Prof John C. Little (Professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech)
  • Reference Material Development – Prof Yinping Zhang (Prof of the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University)
  • Analytical Check Standards and Associated Proficiency Testing Schemes – Dr Caroline Widdowson (Material Emission Specialist, Markes International)
    [Date 11/07/2012, Time 12:45, Room P9]
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