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Markes technical presentations at PittCon 2010

Tuesday, 9 February 2010 at 9:29:AM

Markes International will be presenting five (5) formal technical posters at PittCon 2010 in Orlando in March (copies available on request following the show):

  • Latest advances in thermal desorption technology - tube and sample data trackingv (M. Bates) (2775-11P)

  • Testing chemical emissions from products and materials in a routine QC environment (E. Woolfenden) (2400-7P)

  • Online, cryogen-free monitoring of trace-level, ultra-volatile fluorinated compounds with high global warming potential (N. Watson) (2400-1P)

  • Analysis of residual solvents in drugs using Headspace-Thermal Desorption (HS-TD) technology (N. Watson) (650-19P)

  • Complementary techniques used for enhancing GC/MS analysis of flavour and fragrance components in consumer beverages (N. Watson) (980-5P)

Markes International thermal desorption systems and accessories also will feature in several posters by ALMSCO International (a division of Markes). These will be displayed in the "Application Gallery" on the ALMSCO booth (1806/1807):

  • Air toxics: Analysis of urban air by TD-GC/TOF MS (UNITY 2-Air Server)

  • Chemical emissions from construction products: Target compound location using TargetView™ (Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor & UNITY 2)

  • Beer: Flavour profiling with BenchTOF-dx™ (SPE-td sorptive extraction cartidges™ & UNITY 2)

  • Food analysis using TargetView software for trace compound identification (Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor & UNITY 2)

  • Airborne explosives: Rapid & sensitive identification with the BenchTOF-dx time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TT24-7)

  • Consumer beverages: Sample preparation and analysis (HS5-TD™ headspace-thermal desorption, SPE-td sorptive extraction cartridges and UNITY 2)
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