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New catalogue for thermal desorption accessories and consumables launched

Wednesday, 5 September 2012 at 2:46:PM

Markes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced the release of a new catalogue featuring the company’s extensive range of accessories, spares and consumables for thermal desorption.

With a comprehensive index and colour-coded sections for quick reference, the new catalogue includes a wealth of advice on thermal desorption, making it a valuable technical resource for the analyst.

With over 500 individual items, the catalogue highlights products across the entire portfolio, from sorbent tubes and canisters to instrument spares and software. Many of the company’s consumables and accessories are platform-neutral, making the catalogue a must-have volume for the GC laboratory irrespective of the brand of equipment being used.

Every aspect of the subject has been brought fully up to date, with new guides to the range of tubes for the sampling of VOCs and SVOCs, a one-page summary of sorbent properties, and helpful information on the calibration of TD–GC systems using standards.

A key offering in the new catalogue is Markes’ enhanced range of sampling tubes. As well as the serial number, these now come with a barcode and a sampling-flow arrow, facilitating rapid handling and minimising errors in the field.

As well as featuring detailed listings of spares for Markes’ instruments including the UNITY 2, TD-100 and UltrA 2, the catalogue describes a range of starter kits that help the analyst get going in thermal desorption.

The 100-page catalogue is free, and can be ordered as a hard-copy by contacting Markes International. Alternatively, a digital page-turning version accessed.

Markes International is the world leader in thermal desorption technology and innovation, specialising in the manufacture and supply of cryogen-free thermal desorption instrumentation, sampling accessories, and consumables for VOC and SVOC monitoring.

Markes’ global customer base includes major industry, government agencies, academia and the service laboratory sector.

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