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New e-books – thermal desorption applications

Wednesday, 7 December 2016 at 11:31:AM

Thermal desorption application guide e-booksMarkes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced the release of a set of seven guides on the applications of thermal desorption.  

The attractively-presented, easy-to-read guides cover key applications across a wide range of areas – including environmental monitoring, consumer environmental health, automotive studies, food & drink, fragranced products, defence & homeland security, forensic, human health, ecosystems and the atmosphere, and chemical ecology.  

Together, the e-books contain over 140 application case-studies, with short summaries of challenges faced by analysts, and how thermal desorption (and associated sampling techniques) can address these issues. Each case-study contains an example dataset and advice on typical analytical conditions used. Also included is the latest information on standard methods used in areas such as ambient air monitoring and evaluation of emissions from construction materials, consumer products and car trim.  

Markes’ Technical Marketing Director, Dr Massimo Santoro, said “In the 20 years since Markes was founded, we’ve developed considerable expertise on how thermal desorption can help GC analysts in a wide range of application areas, and these new e-books showcase this in-depth knowledge. As well as featuring examples of work carried out in our own laboratories, we’re particularly pleased to be able to include a number of case-studies from customers in academia and industry who have kindly shared their application data with us.”  

The guides will be of interest to any GC chemist, and highlight how thermal desorption–GC has expanded into new areas in recent years – such as the routine quality control of foods and consumer goods, and advanced research into topics as diverse as disease diagnosis and plant–insect communication. Dr Santoro concludes “With carefully-selected examples and clear, concise summaries of the technical aspects, these e-books are sure to be valued by any GC analyst interested in using thermal desorption to enhance their analytical capability.”  

The new guides can be downloaded free of charge by visiting

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