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New hand-held device simplifies VOC and SVOC sampling from air

Friday, 29 July 2011 at 10:14:AM

Markes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced the launch of a simple catch-all sampling solution for VOCs and SVOCs in air, Easy-VOC™. Easy-VOC is a hand-held device for fast, simple and accurate collection of small sample volumes of air directly onto sorbent tubes, without the need for calibrated pumps. The sample tubes are subsequently analysed using thermal desorption (TD)-GC/MS.

Existing technologies for capturing vapour-phase organics such as ‘air toxics’, soil gas contaminants or fugitive industrial emissions include bags, canisters, sorbent tubes and passive samplers. However, collection of air samples can often be difficult when using equipment not designed with challenging field conditions in mind. To address this, Markes has released the Easy-VOC, which provides a quick and easy method for grab-sampling vapour-phase chemicals in air.

The Easy-VOC uses robust technology to grab-sample specified volumes of air onto sorbent tubes, avoiding the need for calibrated pumps. Dr Nicola Watson, Environmental Applications Specialist at Markes, says “the portability of the Easy-VOC makes it ideal for scientists who need accurate sampling in tough conditions”.

The sorbent tubes used with the Easy-VOC allow a wide range of compounds to be collected, from volatile hydrocarbons right up to C32 compounds. Dr Watson says “the ability to grab-sample directly onto sorbent tubes eliminates the logistics of transporting bulky equipment”, and concludes “the variety of sorbents that can be used with the Easy-VOC makes it suitable for a wide range of sampling situations”.

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