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Product launch | New Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™

Thursday, 5 November 2009 at 3:03:PM

Specialist analytical thermal desorption instrumentation manufacturer Markes International Ltd. has announced the launch of a new higher temperature and larger capacity version of its popular Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™ (μ-CTE™) for the measurement of (semi-) volatile organic compounds (SVOC) such as formaldehyde from materials.

The innovative new Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor will enable the manufacturing industry to achieve in-house product testing to assist compliance with new legislation such as REACH, CARB and EC Construction Products Directive/Regulation.

“The Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractors are effective small scale devices for the quality control of formaldehyde and (S)VOC emissions from a whole host of products and materials” said Elizabeth Woolfenden, Director, Markes International. “They allow companies to screen products for chemical emission levels in-house and with fast turn around in a way that complements more lengthy reference tests by third party laboratories. This has proved to be a very popular approach with users of the existing Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor.”

The new instrument complements the Markes range of chemical emissions monitoring technology and allows four samples (each up to 114 ml volume) to be evaluated simultaneously at temperatures up to 250°C. Bulk or surface-only emissions of (S)VOC, including key phthalate plasticisers, can be sampled from a whole variety of materials including construction products, semi-conductor/PC components, car trim, carpets, paints, textiles and children’s toys. The μ-CTE is usually used in combination with sorbent tubes and offline thermal desorption (TD)-GC/MS. Additionally, Markes μ-CTE units are compatible with DNPH cartridges for formaldehyde emissions screening by HPLC.

New legislation such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), Californian green chemistry initiatives (AB 1879 & the CARB formaldehyde rule) and the EC Construction Products Directive/Regulation is driving industry to monitor the release of (S)VOC from its products. These new regulations require products and materials to be sent to independent test laboratories for certification of chemical release and additional quality control of chemical emissions. However, QC of chemical release from materials requires much faster and lower cost tests than the three- and 28-day reference methods used for product certification; the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractors are particularly useful for in-house QC/screening of chemical emissions levels.

Further information on the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor

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