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7th European short course on Quality and Safety of Fresh-cut Produce at Cardiff University

Monday, 19 January 2015 at 3:56:PM

Quafety logoMarkes International (Llantrisant) has announced it will be sponsoring the 7th European short course on “Quality and Safety of Fresh-cut Produce” at Cardiff University, from 21–23 January 2015.

The conference aims to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art in this important area, with over 30 industry specialists and researchers presenting on topics ranging from the effects of pre-harvest conditions to the control of micro-organisms causing food spoilage.

The conference is supported by the €4m EU-funded ‘QUAFETY’ initiative, which aims to improve the safety and quality of ready-to-eat fresh produce by developing predictive models and decision-making tools for use by the food industry.

Markes has already contributed significantly to QUAFETY, through the supply of equipment and expertise to Cardiff University for the identification of volatile biomarkers in prepacked melon and rocket salad. This work will be described in presentations by the lead researchers in this project, Dr Hilary Rogers & Dr Carsten Müller (Cardiff University), and by Dr Laura McGregor (Markes International).

Dr Gavin Davies, marketing manager at Markes International, said “Partnering with Cardiff University on the QUAFETY project has been a great experience for us at Markes, and one that promises to bring significant benefits to the general public. This sort of work is an excellent example of how we can harness our analytical instrumentation to provide practical solutions to pressing environmental and health-related problems, and we’re delighted to be supporting this important event in association with Cardiff University.”

The agenda for the course can be found at

More information on QUAFETY can be found at and a video on "Analysis of VOCs in Foodstuffs Using TD-GC-TOF MS" can be viewed here.

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