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RAFA 2013 conference posters can now be downloaded

Thursday, 14 November 2013 at 1:27:PM

RAFA 2013Following the exciting preview of our advances in GC–MS technology for food analysis at the bi-annual International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2013) in Prague last week, our poster presentations are now available to download.

Organised by the Institute of Chemical Technology, Europe’s largest university specialising in chemistry, RAFA attracts food researchers and representatives of international regulatory agencies, commercial laboratories and industry from across the globe.

The three posters presented by Markes International at the food analysis event highlight research carried out using both our thermal desorption instrumentation and time-of-flight mass spectrometers – powerful tools for single-run GC and GC×GC analysis in odour and aroma profiling.

Enhanced odour profiling by TD–GC×GC–TOF MS with selective ionisation

This poster illustrates the increased dimensionality of TD–GC×GC–TOF MS with variable-energy ionisation, for robust characterisation of complex mixtures as required by the flavour and fragrance industry.

Novel real-time data-mining for GC–TOF MS: The fight against food adulteration

Food aroma profiles typically contain a complex mixture of components with wide-ranging concentrations and odour threshold values. A detector with high sensitivity and fast spectral acquisition is therefore essential to maximise analyte detection and identification. This poster describes the combined use of such novel data processing features for the robust characterisation of aroma profiles.

Enhanced aroma profiling by GC–TOF MS with selective ionisation

Aroma profiles, such as those for wine, contain a wide variety of components at a range of concentrations. Detection and identification of important keynote compounds with a low odour threshold and those responsible for off-odours is a challenging prospect. This poster demonstrates the use of GC–TOF MS for aroma profiling and highlights the information gained by variable-energy ionisation.

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