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New Tandem Ionisation capability and ChromSpace software speed up full sample characterisation

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 at 4:27:PM

Markes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced the launch of​ Tandem Ionisation® capability and ChromSpace® GC​×GC ​software for its series of BenchTOF™ time-of-flight mass spectrometers for gas chromatography, at the ISCC/GC×GC chromatography symposium in Riva del Garda, Italy.

The new Tandem Ionisation capability allows both soft and classical electron ionisation ​mass spectra to be acquired simultaneously across an entire GC or GC×GC run, and builds on Markes’ existing Select-eV® soft electron ionisation technology, available with its BenchTOF-Select mass spectrometer.

Dr Massimo Santoro, Markes’ Technical Marketing Director, explains how the tandem acquisition of soft and hard ionisation data benefits analysts: “Soft EI is a really powerful tool for full sample characterisation​, ​and the information it provides is uniquely useful for identifying compounds with weak molecular ions at 70 eV, or distinguishing between isomers with similar spectra. Of course, our Select-eV technology allows you to do that without compromising sensitivity or switching ion sources … and it’s proven especially valuable for challenging petrochemical and fragrance analyses.”

“What the new Tandem Ionisation capability does is allow analysts to acquire both soft EI spectra and conventional 70 eV spectra at the same time in an integrated workflow. This means that a single GC or GC×GC run can provide all the information needed to fully characterise a sample for both target compounds and unknowns.”

Tandem Ionisation, unique to Markes, generates two spectra from a single peak by rapid switching between ‘soft’ ionisation (typically 10–16 eV) and conventional ‘hard’ ionisation (70 eV), and is fully automated by Markes’ TOF-DS™ software for BenchTOF.

Dr Santoro adds “From the point of view of the analyst, it is of great benefit to have Tandem Ionisation integrated into one workflow controlled through TOF-DS. We’re also launching today our new ChromSpace software plug-in, which integrates directly to TOF-DS, and offers qualitative and quantitative GC×GC analysis. So in a single software platform, users will be able to acquire Tandem Ionisation ​spectra and process GC×GC data sets, alongside all the usual TOF-DS functions such as data acquisition, baseline compensation, peak deconvolution, qualitative analysis, library searching, quant analysis and reporting.”

“Product innovation in our business is all about thinking of ways to allow analysts to get better results more quickly – which is why we’re really excited about our new Tandem Ionisation capability and ChromSpace software, and the opportunities they will open for faster, more powerful GC and GC×GC analyses.”

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