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US EPA issues Method 325 for refinery fenceline monitoring

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 at 10:40:AM

On 29 September 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) issued the much-discussed Method 325.

The final rule that has been issued aims to “further control toxic air emissions from petroleum refineries and provide important information about refinery emissions to the public and neighboring communities”. In order to achieve this, the rule will require refineries to monitor emissions of the hazardous pollutant benzene at their facilities. Petrochemical companies will have until 2018 to comply with the requirements of the Method, which forms part of the updated US federal regulation CFR 40.

Compliance with Method 325 involves the monitoring of benzene around the boundary of oil refineries using passive samplers, which are analysed by thermal desorption–gas chromatography. The same technology is also ideally suited to monitoring other hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Markes International has been closely following the development of the method over the past year, and is ready to help petrochemical companies and associated laboratories to comply with its requirements. As well as the expertise that comes with over 15 years’ experience of supporting customers in a variety of VOC monitoring scenarios, Markes has developed a suite of equipment specifically for Method 325.

Markes' package for Method 325 includes:

  • EPA 325 sorbent tubes and associated caps specifically to comply with Method 325.
  • A 325 Field Station™ to protect the passive sampling tubes from the weather.
  • A 325 Container™ for secure transport of sampling tubes to and from the sampling location.
  • TubeTAG™ RFID tagging of the sampling tubes to ensure robust chain-of-custody between the field and the laboratory.


For more on how Markes can aid compliance with Method 325:

  • Download our Application Note 114 – Passive monitoring of benzene and other hazardous air pollutants at refinery perimeters in accordance with US EPA Method 325.
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