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Where to find Markes this Autumn

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 at 3:40:PM

Markes International has announced that it will be present at several conferences and exhibitions through the Autumn.

ICCE 2015 International Conference on Chemistry & Environment (20–25 Sept) – Leipzig, Germany

Markes will be exhibiting and presenting three posters:

  • Passive monitoring – A guide to sorbent tube sampling for EPA Method 325.
  • Passive sampling and GC×GC–TOF MS with soft electron ionisation for enhanced screening of environmental pollutants in complex matrices.
  • Fast GC–TOF MS with soft electron ionisation for high-throughput screening of environmental contaminants.

69th Tobacco Science Research Conference (20–23 September) – Naples, Florida USA

Markes will be presenting the following poster:

  • Chemical fingerprinting of tobacco and related products by TD–GC–TOF MS.

Polyurethanes Technical Conference (5–7 October) – Orlando, Florida, USA

Markes’ experts will be exhibiting at Booth #509, and will also be giving two presentations:

  • Sampling, Measurement and Analysis of VOCs & SVOCs; What Are the Best Tools for the Job? (Monday 5 October at 16:30: Environment, Health & Safety Session).
  • Vehicle Interior Air Quality – (S)VOC Emission from Materials: Regulation, Standard Methods and Analytical Implementation (Tuesday 6 October at 14:05: Automotive Session).

Emissions and Odours from Materials (8–9 October) – Brussels, Belgium

Markes will be attending this conference, and also giving one oral presentation:

  • Chemical fingerprinting of tobacco and related products by TD–GC–TOF MS (Friday 9 October at 11:30: Session 4).

Advances in Gas Chromatography V (14 October) – Cheshire, UK

Markes’ experts will be returning to this conference with an exhibition booth and a talk:

  • Breast implants as bio-banks for the future: GC×GC–TOF MS of complex matrices (Wednesday 14 October at 14:15).

IFRA (15 October) – London, UK

The International Fragrance Association is hosting a conference at The Royal Society in London, at which Markes will be exhibiting.

Gulf Coast Conference (20–21 October) – Houston, Texas,

USA Markes is exhibiting again this year (Booth #120). New at this exhibition will be Markes’ package of equipment enabling oil refineries to comply with US EPA Method 325 for the monitoring of benzene and other VOCs in air at refinery fencelines. This will be the subject of one of three poster presentations:

  • Passive monitoring – A guide to sorbent tube sampling for EPA Method 325 (#93).
  • Complete characterization of diesel exhaust emissions by GC×GC–TOF MS with soft electron ionisation (#122).
  • Chemical fingerprinting of crude oils: Gaining an extra dimension of data from GC×GC–TOF MS (#107).

Markes’ experts will also be giving four talks at the conference:

  • Sampling and analysis of trace organic compounds (#98).
  • Confident identification of trace additives in gasoline by GC–TOF MS (#105).
  • Chemical fingerprinting of petrochemicals: Gaining an extra dimension of data from GC×GC–TOF MS (#108).
  • Compliance with EPA Method 325: Fenceline air monitoring solution for benzene and other VOCs (#113).

EFASIG (28 October) – Southampton, UK

Markes will be exhibiting at EFASIG – The Young Scientists and Researchers Environmental & Food Analysis Special Interest Group.

If you’d like a poster reprint from any of the these events, please email  ​

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