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New instrument for method-compliant environmental monitoring of air sampled using canisters

Thursday, 24 August 2017 at 9:34:AM

MArkes CIA Advantage for air monitoring from canistersMarkes International (Llantrisant, UK) has announced the launch of its CIA Advantage-xr instrument for the automated analysis of trace-level ‘air toxics’ and other pollutants in accordance with popular protocols such as US EPA Method TO-15 and Chinese EPA Method HJ 759.

Thanks to the ground-breaking Dry-Focus3™ technology, every CIA Advantage-xr system offers robust, high-throughput analysis of high- and low-concentration compounds sampled using canisters and bags, as well as whole-air samples. Compliance with standard methods is assured by the system’s outstanding linearity, sub-part-per-trillion method detection limits, reproducibilities well within mandated limits, and built-in internal standard capability.

Dry-Focus3 is a unique, three-stage focusing and water-management mechanism that operates entirely without liquid cryogen. Incorporating the Kori-xr module, it allows air streams with up to 100% relative humidity to be monitored without loss of ultra-volatiles, polar species or oxygenated compounds, for an extended target analyte range.

CIA Advantage-xr systems have particular advantages for busy laboratories. Features include efficient electrically-cooled trapping that avoids the costs and inconvenience of liquid cryogen, quantitative sample splitting and re-collection for repeat analysis and easier method validation, and up to 27 channels for unattended, automated operation.

Like the other instruments in the ‘xr’ series, the CIA Advantage-xr also offers quantitative recovery of C2 to C44 compounds, including reactive species, and an improved user experience through a more modern and robust design and a new software platform.

Dr Massimo Santoro, Technical Marketing Director of Markes International, says “CIA Advantage-xr systems and the new Dry-Focus3 technology are a major breakthrough for laboratories wanting to carry out reliable, automated analysis of air in compliance with key standard methods.”

“Not only do they represent the state-of-the-art for canister analysis of air in accordance with TO-15 and HJ 759, but through their tube analysis capability they provide the flexibility to monitor high-boiling semi-volatiles, with options for full automation of sample splitting and re-collection.”

Dr Santoro highlights how recent developments in environmental air monitoring have driven development of the new system: “Although canister sampling remains popular, the ever-greater range of analytes and concentrations of interest is challenging traditional canister pre-concentration technologies. As an instrument manufacturer with a strong customer and application focus, helping our customers extend their capabilities has always been of prime importance to us.”

“With the launch of the CIA Advantage-xr, analysts now have in their hands a system that will allow effortless handling of routine air samples with up to 100% relative humidity, while also being fully capable of tackling tougher challenges in air monitoring, both now and in the future.”

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