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August 2007

Markes International Newsletter
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Markes International Newsletter August 2007

Markes International introduces THREE significant new products

RFID-tagging technology to revolutionise sorbent tube tracking and identification

RFID-tagging technology to revolutionise sorbent tube tracking and identificationMarkes has recently announced the introduction of a significant advance in sorbent tube informatics. TubeTAG™ is a patented tagging and tracking system for standard thermal desorption (TD) tubes, designed to log tube-related information and field sampling data from field to laboratory and within the laboratory. It allows users to simplify workflow and reduces data logging errors.

TubeTAG is an innovative RFID-based technology for TD tubes. The product consists of RFID tag assemblies for attaching onto individual sorbent tubes, a tag reader / writer (TAGSCRIBE) and software. The type of data which can be logged ranges from tube ID and packing material to sampling information (date, pump, flow rate, diffusive sampling time, etc.). There is also a thermal cycle counter which can be incremented every time a tube is desorbed / conditioned. TubeTAG is fully compatible with any standard stainless steel, Silcosteel™ or glass tubes (3.5-inch (89 mm) long x ¼-inch (6.4 mm) O.D.) and with 4.5-inch glass (DAAMS) tubes with 6 mm ends (straight through or high flow).

If you would like to try out the software for yourself please click here to request a ZIP file to be emailed to you.

To find out more about this revolutionary new product and to download the product brochure please visit the website here.

Two of the most powerful GC introduction techniques, headspace (HS) and thermal desorption (TD), brought together in a new system

Designed to integrate with either the 70-position G1888 HS system or the 44-position G1290 (7694) HS system from Agilent Technologies, Markes HS-TD system opens up new possibilities to users who require enhanced sensitivity for HS applications and/or require a versatile sample introduction system capable of dealing with any matrix; soil, water or air; solid, liquid or gas.
Two of the most powerful GC introduction techniques, headspace (HS) and thermal desorption (TD), brought together in a new systemThe HS-TD incorporates Markes UNITY thermal desorber, with its market leading trapping technology and pioneering quantitative sample re-collection facility. UNITY is fully compliant with all standard TD methods.  The combined system offers three modes of operation:

  • Automated HS-trap – offering enhanced sensitivity and a wider volatility range than conventional headspace and without the foaming and complexity of purge-and-trap
  • Method-compliant analytical thermal desorption
  • Conventional automated equilibrium headspace

“This flexibility makes the Markes HS-TD system a uniquely versatile analytical solution”, said Dr. Lara Kelly, Senior Thermal Desorption Technical Specialist. “It offers laboratories all the sensitivity and ease-of-use benefits of HS-trap for liquids and solids together with method-compliant thermal desorption for vapour-phase samples and materials.”

The new HS-TD system will appeal to a range of potential customers in the environmental, food / flavour / fragrance, and materials emissions fields.  Potential applications include: Trace VOCs in water and soils, odorants / taint in drinking water and foodstuffs, residual solvents in materials, packaging and pharmaceuticals, fragrance profiling, screening of contaminated soils and air monitoring.

The brochure for the product can be downloaded from the website.

ASIS 8: Enhanced analysis of ‘Air Toxic’ VOCs in canisters following US EPA methods

ASIS 8Building on the success of Air Server for automated on-line sampling of air / gas streams, the new ASIS 8 module connects to UNITY or ULTRA-UNITY thermal desorption (TD) systems to provide enhanced, cryogen-free and automated analysis of VOCs in canisters, Tedlar™ bags and other whole air/gas containers.

The ASIS 8 comprises thermostatted, 8-channel stream selection hardware complete with inert sample flow path and an internal standard addition facility. This complies with US EPA Method TO-15 for monitoring volatile organic Air Toxics in ambient air using canisters.
Featuring cryogen-free operation combined with unbeatable chromatographic performance, UNITY-ASIS 8 systems allow sequential analysis of up to 8 canisters. The new technology provides best possible detection limits for trace-level vapour-phase organics while significantly reducing laboratory running costs by removing the expense and downtime associated with liquid cryogen.

The high-performance, electrically-cooled focusing trap built into Markes UNITY thermal desorber, offers the best possible ‘universal’ platform for Air Toxics, whether from canisters or from sorbent tubes (US EPA Method TO-17).

As with all Markes TD analytical systems, versatility is combined with productivity & performance. - The unique stream selection technology built into ASIS 8 eliminates carryover and facilitates automated sequential analysis of samples varying widely in concentration. UNITY-ASIS 8 systems also include versatile water management options and compatibility with both labile analytes (such as reduced sulphur gases) and wide boiling range samples. Systems accommodate canisters, bags and at least one, TO-17-compliant sorbent tube. Addition of an ULTRA autosampler to the system allows up to 100 tubes to be desorbed and cleaned automatically.

The brochure for the ASIS 8 can be downloaded from the website

Personnel News

Markes International is pleased to welcome two new faces to the technical support team: Nicola Watson and Dr. David Wevill. Nicola received a MChem in Chemistry and is writing up her PhD in atmospheric chemistry (looking at VOCs and oxygenated products, using thermal desorption gas chromatography time of flight mass spec (TD-GC-ToF/MS)).  David received a MChem in Chemistry and a PhD in atmospheric chemistry. His work has involved the development of an automated thermal desorption GC-MS method for the in-situ analysis and calibration of volatile halogenated organic compounds (VHOCs) in maritime air and seawater.

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