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December 2009

MarkesMarkes Monthly Newsletter December 2009

Product Launch: TD-100TM   Application: Aroma profiles in fruit juice & wine  

New Markes Website


Product Launch: TD-100TM Application: Aroma profiles in fruit juice & wine

Markes has recently launched a brand new thermal desorption unit.

The TD-100 is a versatile, high throughput system dedicated to automated tube desorption. It is compatible with all leading brands of GC(MS) and offers capacity for up to 100 RFID-tagged or untagged sample tubes.

Building on the field proven performance of Markes modular TD systems (UNITY, ULTRA, etc.), the TD-100 offers:

  • A single platform for VOC & SVOC and reactive/thermally labile compounds, at high concentration or trace levels. – Multiple sample types in a single sequence
  • Electrical cooling - No liquid nitrogen required, which keeps running costs down 
  • RFID tube tag read/write in-built as standard - error-free sample & tube tracking 
  • Sample re-collection to overcome the one-shot limitation of other systems 
  • Fully compliant with relevant standard methods 
  • Reliable and unattended operation for extended periods of time - 100-tube automation

Markes TD-100: simply the best available dedicated system for automated tube desorption. Further information can be found on the Markes website, here or you can download the brochure

SPE-tD™ cartridges from Markes offer a simple method for sampling less volatile impurities in aqueous samples such as fruit juices and wine. Alternative traditional methods require labour intensive extraction or distillation techniques.

The VOCs and SVOCs in the liquid sample are selectively adsorbed/absorbed into the SPE-tD cartridges. The sampled cartridges are then analysed by direct TD-GC/MS producing a semi-quantitative analysis of the constituent organics.

In an application note, due out soon, SPE-tD + TD-GC/MS analysis is shown to produce detailed profiles of lower-volatility aroma components not seen in headspace analysis.

Comparisons of the aroma components between different fruit juices and wines are also shown.

Contact to pre-order your copy of this application note due in Jan 2010.

 New Markes website

The Markes website has just been upgraded to make it even easier for you to find the technical and applications information you need.

The new web site features our updated TD product range and you can also keep up to date with developments from Markes by subscribing to the RSS newsfeeds, follow the company on Twitter and monitoring the monthly feature; this months feature is the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™.


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