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December 2012

MarkesMarkes Newsletter Dec 2012

NEW – Thermal Desorption Accessories and Consumables catalogue
New Video!
New technical publications
Sorbent sampling tubes –Now with barcodes
Happy 15th birthday Markes 

NEW – Catalogue New Video!

The NEW 2013 Thermal Desorption Accessories & Consumables catalogue has recently been published – 100 pages of the best-quality accessories and consumables for all your thermal desorption needs, in one comprehensive catalogue.

The catalogue is also an invaluable technical resource, with guides to sampling, sorbent selection, and much, much more.

Product areas include:

  • Sorbent tubes
  • Instrument spares
  • Canister sampling
  • Calibration & standards
  • Consumables kits

The catalogue can be viewed online or paper copies can be requested here.

Browse our digital catalogue 

A video introducing new software for enhancing the detection of target compounds and unknowns in complex GC/MS data sets can now be seen on YouTube or the Markes web site.

The new software is called TargetView™ and offers real advantages to every TD user interested in trace analysis. It was developed by the ALMSCO division of Markes, and is compatible with files produced by all major brands of GC/MS instruments.

A FREE 60-day trial of TargetView is available here.

A series of TargetView tutorial videos will also be uploaded very soon. Watch this space! 


New technical publications

Since our last newsletter, several interesting and useful articles have been published (click on the titles to take you to the relevant pages). These include:

Sorbent tubes – Now with barcodes

Stainless steel and glass sorbent sampling tubes from Markes now have enhanced labelling to improve traceability for analysts.

These tubes now feature:

  • A unique serial number to allow rapid visual identification.
  • Barcoding to reduce errors when recording and tracking tubes, and eliminate time-consuming manual data entry.
  • A sampling arrow indicating the direction of the air/gas sampling flow, to minimise errors during field monitoring.

In addition to the above features, tubes can now be tailored to your requirements, using a combination of custom text and/or banding. These options make it possible to (for example) specify the project name or the maximium safe sorbent temperature.

Markes’ glass sorbent tubes are now supplied with a restriction at the sampling end rather than a frit. As well as allowing the sorbent in our tubes to be securely positioned, this avoids the problem of blockages or poor recovery of compounds due to the presence of active sites on the frits.

For further details please see the new catalogue.

Happy 15th birthday Markes 

August 2012 saw the 15th birthday of Markes International. It was in August 1997 that Markes was formed in Llantrisant, south Wales, with 4 employees. In the years since, the company has expanded to 90 employees, opened a technical resource centres in the UK and the USA, and created a new division, ALMSCO International.

Markes is now considered to be the thought-leader in thermal desorption innovation and technology, with an unrivalled experienced team of application experts and the widest range of thermal desorption products in the market.

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