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February 2008

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Markes International Newsletter February 2008

NEW – Series 2 thermal desorbers from Markes International Revolutionary extraction/concentration technology for GCMS

Series 2 thermal desorption systems are available for 3.5- or 4.5-inch sample tubes with or without RFID ‘TubeTAG’ labels. They offer an expanded application range, unmatched upgrade flexibility and represent the next major step forward in TD technology.

Primary series 2 TD system modules include:

System shown comprises series 2 ULTRA-UNITY with an integrated, 3-channel series 2 Air Server


UNITY 2: ‘universal’ TD platform for single tagged or untagged tubes.

Key features:
  • Available for 3.5-inch (standard) tubes or for 4.5-inch (DAAMS) tubes
  • Every TD application on a single platform: >99% recovery of n-C40, optimised retention of ultra-volatiles PLUS compatibility with thermally-labile compounds (mercaptans, explosives, etc.)
  • New, easy-change focusing trap, comprising 60 mm of sorbent held at temperatures down to -30ºC, provides uniquely effective cryogen-free trapping of ultra-volatiles e.g. acetylene from at least 1.5 L air 
  • SecureTD-Q – quantitative re-collection of both tube desorption (inlet) split flow and trap desorption (outlet) split flow for repeat analysis and method/data validation
  • Cost effective options for electronic control of carrier gas, split and desorption flows. Electronic pneumatics stabilise retention times and simplify method recall
  • Features comply with all standard TD methods: Stringent leak testing, backflush trap desorption, etc.
  • Unlimited upgradeability – multi-tube, multi-canister, continuous on-line monitoring, headspace trap, etc.

ULTRA 2: TD autosampler for up to 100 tubes. Versions available for both 3.5- or 4.5-inch (DAAMS) tubes. Options include tag read/write and automatic sample re-collection.

ULTRA 2 is based on the field proven reliability of ULTRA 1 with DiffLok caps facilitating mechanically simple operation (no capping/uncapping required.) It adds to any series 1 or 2 UNITY and is compatible with both tagged and untagged tubes. The ULTRA 2 range includes:
  • TubeTAG read/write option: Adds to any configuration of ULTRA 2. Allows automatic updating/ tracking of tube history and automatic inputting of sample specific information into the sequence table. ULTRA 2 with on-board tubeTAG read/write represents a real breakthrough in automated TD technology
  • Internal standard addition with dry purge (ISDP) accessory: Allows the addition of 1 ml of gas phase standard to the sampling end of blank or sampled tubes. Offers enhanced analytical quality assurance in line with the recommendations of standard methods.
  • 50:50 option: While every series 2 ULTRA-UNITY offers manual re-collection of both inlet and outlet split flow for repeat analysis of critical samples and for method development, series 2 ULTRA 50:50 systems additionally enable automated re-collection of the trap desorption (outlet) split flow for 50 or 100 tubes.
  • Series 2 AutoSecureTD system: Offers automated re-collection of both inlet and outlet split for all 100 tubes using a second ULTRA 2 autosampler on the split side of UNITY 2.

Series 2 Air Server options

add to series 2 (ULTRA-)UNITY systems to provide automated canister/bag analysis and cryogen-free on-line air/gas monitoring. Options include:
  • 3 and 8 channel Air Server options for round-the-clock on-line air/gas monitoring. Systems operate cryogen free and offer automatic sequencing between sample, zero and standard air/gas streams
  • The free-standing CIA 8 offers thermostatted sample flow paths and internal standard addition. Combines with series 2 (ULTRA-)UNITY to offer TO-14/15-compliant analysis of air toxics in up to 8 canisters.

Markes opens a USA subsidiary: Markes International Inc.

Markes has recently opened a subsidiary based in New Haven, CT. Markes International Inc. is a sales and marketing outlet established to add further support to Markes’ growing customer base within the USA.

The contact details for the office are:

Markes International Inc.
1440 Whalley Ave #224
New Haven
CT, 06515

Tel: 1-866-483-5684 (Toll Free)

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