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July 2010

MarkesMarkes Newsletter July 2010

Novel use of automated sample re-collection for extending dynamic range
NEW Thermal desorption application booklets
Chemical emissions from materials – legislation updates
NEW automated thermal desorption system for GC(MS)

Novel use of automated sample re-collection for extending dynamic range NEW Thermal desorption application booklets

A recently published application note (TDTS 94), "Using Markes' thermal desorption technology to automate high/low analysis of a complex beer sample" describes the novel use of automated re-collection of thermal desorption samples (SecureTD-Q) for extending analytical dynamic range.

Making use of the flow split and sample re-collection facilities of Markes' UNITY™ or TD-100™ thermal desorption system, "high/low" analysis of a complex mixture can be automated, meaning accurate measurement of high and low level analytes does not require separate preparative steps.

The full application note can be downloaded from the website

Second editions of the highly popular Markes "Thermal Desorption: Practical Applications Guides"have been released. There are four titles in the series:

  1. Environmental Monitoring & Exposure to Chemicals at Work
  2. Residual Volatiles and Material Emissions Testing
  3. Defence and Forensic
  4. Food, Flavour, Fragrance & Odour Profiling

The series covers an array of applications and are a “must read” for anyone currently using thermal desorption technology, or considering it as an analytical tool.

The booklets are available FREE OF CHARGE from Markes by sending an email to or calling the company (+44(0)1443 230935).

Chemical emissions from materials – legislation updates  NEW automated thermal desorption system for GC(MS)

Ongoing regulatory activity is increasing demand for testing chemical emissions from many products to address concerns about the environment & consumer health.

Markes, a technological leader in emissions testing, has published several technical notes which will arm the reader with essential information.

  • Note 67: Introducing the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™ (μ-CTE™) for rapid screening of chemicals released (emitted) by products and materials
  • Note 68: Using Markes emission screening technology to simplify compliance with the latest construction product regulations
  • Note 89: Thermal desorption technology for testing chemical emissions from construction products and consumer goods

These technical/application notes can be downloaded or requested directly from the company (

Markes has recently launched the latest innovation in thermal desorption (TD) technology for GC(MS), the TD-100™.

The TD-100 is a dedicated automated unit for up to 100 sample tubes, has attracted a lot of publicity in the press since PittCon. It builds on the well established, accepted and robust technology incorporated in Markes’ UNITY and U
LTRA brands.

As with all Markes TD systems, the TD-100 offers the following:
  • Complete peace of mind – sample re-collection as standard
  • Keeps on producing data – high-capacity, cryogen-free & mechanically simple for unattended operation all weekend
  • Sample integrity ensured with DiffLok™ tube capping
  • Innovation that gives you the advantage – compatible with RFID tagged & untagged tubes for enhanced sample tracking and tube informatics 

Further information can be found on the website, or by downloading the product brochure.


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