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May 2014

MarkesMarkes Newsletter May 2014

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Productivity and quality of analyses just got better with the latest innovations from Markes...

Extended dynamic range

Markes’ thermal desorption (TD) instruments now come with new and improved digital mass flow controllers (MFCs), which greatly extend the dynamic range of your TD–GC–MS analyses.

Offering precise control of flows from 2 to 500 mL/min, the maximum available split ratio is now an incredible 125,000:1 – the best available on any commercial TD instrument. This is great for high concentration applications such as stack emissions testing, industrial hygiene, vapour-intrusion and direct desorption of materials. It will also allow more TD users and methods to benefit from Markes’ pioneering automated sample re-collection and repeat analysis capability for validating analyte recovery per standard methods.

New digital MFCs are offered as standard on the CIA Advantage and Air Server instruments, and are available pre-configured on UNITY and TD-100 instruments. Digital MFCs can also be retro-fitted to any existing UNITY 2 and TD-100 instruments.

For more information on the digital MFCs, please contact our team of applications chemists (

Faster sample throughput

Our customers frequently tell us that enhancing productivity by achieving faster sample throughput is crucial for them.

Markes’ super-efficient trap desorption and enhanced split versatility are key to ensuring Markes thermal desorbers are compatible with the latest fast GC columns and technology, but this isn’t the whole story…

...advanced trap and tube cooling functionality is now available on all Markes TD systems to ensure the thermal desorption cycle time doesn’t become the ‘rate-determining step’ of your analysis.

For more information on the reduced cooling time and how we can help you increase sample throughput, please contact our team of applications chemists (

Improved quality of air monitoring analysis

Markes’ SafeLok tubes greatly reduce the chance of accidental loss or contamination of air samples, by incorporating innovative diffusion-locking technology.

This simple but advanced air monitoring technology protects sample integrity overcoming the concerns normally associated with incorrectly fitted storage caps, damaged tube ends or contamination of low level samples. They minimise the risk that an expensive and time consuming field sampling exercise will have to be repeated.

SafeLok tubes are industry-standard size and are available with the same sorbent combinations as regular tubes, so you don’t need to change your analytical system or conditions. They also enable useful additional air monitoring options such as long-term pumped sampling at low flows without interference from diffusion. .

For further information on these unique tubes please click here to download our application note or to download our FAQ sheet.

30% discount on SafeLok tubes

If you have not yet tried SafeLok tubes now might be the ideal time to try them – Markes is offering a huge 30% discount but only until the end of June. Keep an eye out for the email, or contact us to place your order or for more information (

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