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November 2011

MarkesMarkes Newsletter November 2011

TubeTAG™ read/write technology now USB-compatible
New product launch – Easy-VOC™
Markes blog – new online updates
New application note TDTS 97 – Detecting PAHs in vehicle exhaust


TubeTAG read/write technology now USB-compatible NEW product launch – Easy-VOC         

Markes' innovative TubeTAG tube informatics product is now USB-compatible. TubeTAG allows sample information to be electronically associated with the sorbent tube itself, dispensing with the need for potentially inaccurate paper records, and providing a distinct advantage over non-rewritable barcodes. The new version of the product now connects with a PC or laptop via a USB port, making it more convenient for use in the field and lab.

TubeTAGTo find out more about how TubeTAG can help you save time, improve the accuracy of your data reporting and streamline your workflow, please visit our website.

Easy-VOCMarkes has recently launched the Easy-VOC, a simple and incredibly effective hand-held device for sampling VOCs and SVOCs in air.

Using robust technology to collect specific amounts of air onto sorbent tubes, it disepenses with calibrated pumps, making it ideal for scientists and technicians who need accurate sampling in tough conditions.

For more information on the Easy-VOC please visit our website, send an email to or call us (+44(0)1443 230935).

Markes' blog  NEW Application note (TDTS 97) –
Detecting PAHs in vehicle exhaust

Over the summer, we launched our blog at A few posts are already live:

Covering a variety of topics related to thermal desorption, we’ll be drawing on the experience of a number of people at Markes to put together posts that we hope will be informative, interesting and relevant. So whatever your interest in thermal desorption or air/gas analysis, visit us from time to time (or follow us on Twitter) and let us know what you think!

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are a potentially carcinogenic component of diesel exhaust and so it is important to be able to detect them reliably.

This new application note from Markes (Analysis of PAHs from vehicle exhaust using TD–GC/MS) describes how to do just that, by sampling directly onto a quartz filter and subjecting it to direct thermal desorption followed by GC/MS separation and analysis. The note describes how it is possible to pick out even low-level PAHs from the highly complex background.

You can download the application note for free by logging into your account here.


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