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October 2014

MarkesMarkes Newsletter October 2014

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e-Cigarettes & tobacco | New air monitoring regulation | Food safety video
Application notes & blog updates | News from Markes

e-Cigarettes & tobacco

Smoking, tobacco and e-cigarettes are constantly in the news these days. The subject has been the focus of several analytical studies using TD-GC-TOF MS.

See these two notable example presentations published by British American Tobacco (BAT) on its website:

Our recent blog A light at the end of the tunnel – e-cigarette analysis made easy with TD and TOF MS” offers a commentary on such studies and is worth a read…

You may also be interested in our application notes concerning the analysis of tobacco and incense sticks:

New air monitoring regulation

Regulations designed to minimise public health risks are driving new requirements to monitor airborne VOCs – for example in schools or around the perimeter of oil refineries and other chemical sites.

The versatility of sorbent tubes makes them ideal for ambient air monitoring applications like these. Features include:

  • Pumped or passive sampling
  • Wide compound range (n-C3 to n-C30)
  • Re-usable 50–100 times
  • Self-cleaning and inexpensive to ship.

With extensive experience in TD–GC–MS analysis and associated pumped/passive air sampling, Markes is very well-placed to support everyone impacted by these new regulations – both field and laboratory personnel.

Markes provides the world’s widest range of high quality sorbent tubes with key innovations like RFID tube tagging offering a robust sample audit trail and SecureTD-Q (quantitative sample re-collection) simplifying validation and confirmation of TD analytical results.

For more information on refinery fence-line monitoring, method validation and optimising sample tracking/chain-of-custody, then please contact us here.
Food safety video – Work from Cardiff University for the EU QUAFETY project

Watch this exclusive video to see how Dr Carsten Müller, from Cardiff University, profiles volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the headspace of packaged food in order to determine shelf-life.

The combining of thermal desorption, GC and time-of-flight MS instrumentation into an optimised aroma analyser has enabled repeat measurements of biologically active compounds.

This research is in collaboration with Dr Hilary Rogers as part of the European QUAFETY project.

Watch the video here

Application notes and blog updates

Recent blog items have included:

New Application note 110 on "Rapid detection of chemicals emitted from museum display cases" is the result of a collaboration between Markes and BAM (the German Institute for Materials.) It reports the use of Markes Micro-chamber with TD–GC–MS for measuring emissions of chemicals which could damage valuable museum artefacts. This can be downloaded here (log into your account to enable download).

News from Markes

Since our last newsletter we have placed several news items on the website. These include (click on the links for further details):

We have also discussed several of the recent conferences where we have presented posters:

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