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Air Server-xr

Robust, cryogen-free, on-line air monitoring system

The Air Server-xr™ is a slimline module that allows a controlled flow of air/gas to be introduced directly into the focusing trap of the UNITY-xr thermal desorption unit, allowing automated sampling from on-line air or gas streams.

Who uses the Air Server-xr?

The Air Server-xr is used for round-the-clock air monitoring of volatiles in air or gas.

Product benefits

  • Peace of mind – with automated sequencing between sample, zero and standard gas streams, UNITY–Air Server-xr systems enhance the quality of data acquired remotely.

  • Versatility and performance – with higher trap capacity and better desorption efficiency, UNITY–Air Server-xr systems serve a wider range of more challenging applications than other systems.

  • Reduce running costs by avoiding the need for cryogen.

  • Save space – use only one system for all your VOC and SVOC analysis requirements.

  • System flexibility – ULTRA-xr autosamplers can also be added to a UNITY–Air Server-xr configuration to give automated multi-sorbent tube analysis capability.

  • Peace of mind – you are buying a quality product from the recognised leader in thermal desorption instrumentation.


  • Rapid operation of the electrically-cooled focusing trap reduces costs and ensures fast sample throughput.

  • Three or eight channels for unattended sequencing.

  • New Kori-xr water management option avoids loss of polar species.

  • Inert, optimised flow paths allow quantitative recovery of C2 to C44, including reactive and thermally labile species.

  • User-defined sampling parameters allow analysis of both high- and low-concentration samples.

  • Compatible with all major makes of GC and GC–MS.

  • Method-compliant single-tube TD capability – with options for automation.

  • Suitable for field sites and mobile labs.



Key applications

  • Continuous monitoring of ozone precursors (C2–C10 hydrocarbons).

  • On-line monitoring of industrial landfill odours.

  • Monitoring of industrial gas streams.

Frequently asked questions

Below are three useful documents that answer common questions about monitoring volatiles in canister and on-line air streams. Click the titles to download.  

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