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Instrumentation for chemical warfare agent analysis

Automated thermal desorbers for analysing 4½″ DAAMS

Markes’ new TD100-xr DAAMS and UNITY–ULTRA-xr™ DAAMS systems are high-throughput, automated thermal desorption instruments for streamlined analysis of 4½″ Depot Area Air Monitoring Systems (DAAMS) tubes.

Who uses xr DAAMS systems?

Markes’ TD100-xr DAAMS and UNITY–ULTRA-xr™ DAAMS are ideal for laboratories needing to analyse chemical agents for homeland security applications using 4½″ tubes, with versatile upgrade options, including for regular 3½″ tubes.

Outstanding performance for chemical warfare agent analysis

The new DAAMS systems are based on Markes’ tried-and-tested ‘xr’ systems, which include the latest generation of cryogen-free trapping technology.


  • Enhanced throughput – Capacity for up to 100 tubes and the ability to use overlap mode allow you to maximise productivity (for example, by running samples unattended all weekend).
  • Peace of mind – Quantitative sample re-collection for repeat analysis allows simple method/data validation, overcomes the ‘one-shot’ limitation of other systems and enables sample archiving.
  • Broad analyte range – Short, ultra-inert flow path ensures compatibility with a wide range of chemical agents and other analytes from C3 to C44.
  • Low running costs – Rapid operation of the electrically-cooled focusing trap eliminates the cost of expensive and hazardous cryogen, and the associated risk of ice blockage of the flow path.
  • Secure, reliable analysis – DiffLok caps eliminate the possibility of sample contamination and/or analyte loss, whilst removing the need to uncap samples.
  • Simplified chain of custody – The on-board TubeTAG read/write functionality automatically updates tube and sample information during analysis.
  • Future-proof – Options to add autosamplers for industry-standard 3½″ tubes, canisters or on-line sampling allow greater flexibility as your needs evolve.

Product options

The flagship instruments in the ‘xr DAAMS’ series are:

TD100-xr DAAMS

TD100-xr™ DAAMS:

Accommodates up to 100 × 4½″ tubes, making it the ideal option for dedicated DAAMS laboratories.



Also accommodates 100 × 4½″ tubes, but with the option to add the following modular units, for even greater flexibility:

  • ULTRA-xr™ Pro for additional automation of 99 × 3½″ tubes
  • CIA Advantage-xr™ for additional automation of up to 27 canisters or bags
  • Air Server-xr™ for additional automation of up to 8 on-line channels.

Versatile re-collection options are available in each case – please contact Markes to discuss the best system for your application.


Key applications

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