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Enabling confident, high-throughput, automated TD analysis

TD100-xr™ is a high-throughput, automated thermal desorption system for the rapid and unattended processing of up to 100 sample tubes in a single sequence.

In contrast to other thermal desorption units, TD100-xr quantitatively re-collects samples for re-analysis or storage, enhancing sample security. TD100-xr also features an electrically cooled cold trap, dispensing with the expense and inconvenience of liquid cryogen.

Who uses the TD100-xr?

TD100-xr is perfect for high-throughput analytical laboratories needing to process large numbers of tube-based samples automatically.

Product benefits

  • Enhance throughput – Capacity for up to 100 tubes and the use of sample overlap allow you to maximise productivity, e.g. unattended operation all weekend.

  • Peace of mind – With quantitative sample re-collection for repeat analysis, TD100-xr offers simple method/data validation and overcomes the ‘one-shot’ limitation of other systems.

  • Expand your capabilities – Not only does TD100-xr allow you to analyse the widest possible range of VOCs and SVOCs in a single run, but sample stacking increases sensitivity, and the unbeatable split range (splitless to 125,000:1) enables both high-concentration and trace-level samples to be analysed on the same instrument.
  • Reduce running costs by avoiding the need for expensive and hazardous cryogen, and the associated risk of ice blockage of the flow path.

  • Secure and reliable – Tubes remain capped at all times, thereby making automation mechanically simple and avoiding sample contamination and/or analyte loss.

  • Simplify chain of custody and reduce errors with the on-board TubeTAG read/write functionality, which automatically updates tube and sample information during analysis.

  • Easy and intelligent operation – With built-in parameters for several standard methods, automated self-checking diagnostics, and usage/maintenance counters, you can quickly and easily get going and keep going.

  • Be confident – You’re using a desorber that complies with key standards set out by numerous regulatory bodies, including US EPA, Chinese EPA, CEN, ISO, ASTM, HSE, JSA, NIOSH, and more.


  • Automated, cryogen-free, unattended operation for up to 100 sample tubes.

  • Quantitative sample re-collection enables repeat analysis of critical samples and easy method validation.

  • Stacking of multiple tube samples on the focusing trap increases sensitivity for samples restricted by breakthrough or time limitations.

  • An inert, optimised flow path allows quantitative recovery of C3 to C44, including reactive and thermally labile species... from percent to sub-ppt concentrations.

  • Rapid operation of the electrically-cooled focusing trap reduces costs and ensures fast sample throughput.

  • Method-compliance is aided by leak-testing, water management, and addition of internal standards.

  • Samples are easily tracked with barcoded tubes and RFID TubeTAGs.

  • Advanced software control – Markes Instrument Control (MIC) is the is the only software designed specifically for thermal desorption users. Get the most out of your instrument with components such as automated intelligent diagnostics, leak isolation, usage and maintenance counters, rapid method set-up and customisable limits.

  • The short, heated transfer line allows the TD100-xr to be installed on all major makes of GC and GC–MS.

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