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TOF MS technology

Innovative technology, elegant design

BenchTOF instruments are engineered from first principles, to provide reliable detection and outstanding analytical performance for all major models of GC.

Systems are rugged, requiring minimal intervention for routine applications, but at the same time offering expert users the performance and flexibility required for specialist research work.

Exceptional sensitivity and spectral quality

Innovative direct-extraction technology allows BenchTOF instruments to acquire full-range spectra (m/z 1–1500) with sensitivities better than those achieved by traditional quadrupole MS in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode.

The reference-quality spectra produced by BenchTOF instruments don’t discriminate against high masses, enabling automated peak matching against standard commercial or legacy libraries.

This powerful combination of sensitivity and spectral quality allows BenchTOF users to confirm the identity of trace target compounds and unknowns in a single analysis, thus optimising laboratory efficiency.

Ultimate performance and productivity

The high sensitivity of BenchTOF instruments allows laboratory workflow to be vastly improved, with smaller sample sizes (and more dilute samples) reducing turnaround times by simplifying sample preparation.

The inherent speed of BenchTOF instruments (up to 560 spectra per second) allows coupling to fast-GC and GC×GC – meaning that complex samples can be analysed in minutes rather than hours.

Innovative engineering makes BenchTOF instruments uniquely stable, with an exceptional duty cycle – for example, the source rarely needs cleaning outside annual maintenance visits. Sustained high performance through long-term stability of analyte response removes the need for unscheduled maintenance, optimising uptime and productivity.

Selectivity and enhanced data confidence

Sub-unit mass selectivity enables BenchTOF instruments to eliminate matrix interferences and dramatically improve signal-to-noise ratios, making it even easier to detect trace compounds in complex matrices.

The selectivity of BenchTOF instruments is further extended in the BenchTOF-Select model by Select-eV – ground-breaking ion-source technology that allows the energy of electron ionisation to be varied between 70 eV and 10 eV without loss of sensitivity.

Outstanding analytical power for demanding applications

BenchTOF instruments are fundamentally versatile, offering an unbeatable combination of innovative hardware and intelligent software designed to streamline and enhance the capability and throughput of your GC–MS laboratory.

In particular, BenchTOF instruments are compatible with the latest advances in two-dimensional chromatography, including thermally- and flow-modulated technology. This allows the detection and identification of the most challenging compounds in the most complex matrices.

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