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HiSorb Agitator – A cost-effective, easy-to-use sample agitation & thermal control unit for liquids

HiSorb AgitatorThe new HiSorb™ Agitator from Markes International is an efficient laboratory agitation unit for 20, 10 or 2 mL vials, with control of speed, incubation temperatures and agitation time.

The HiSorb Agitator can be used in conjunction with Markes’ HiSorb probe technology for sorptive sample extraction, and as a stand-alone unit for general laboratory mixing of liquids or solid suspensions – including incubation, agitation, derivatisation and extraction.

Productivity for sample preparation

Sample blocks are detachable from the base unit, enabling sample preparation anywhere within the laboratory. The loaded sample block is then easily remounted on the agitator, without any tools. Interchangeable vial blocks optimise sample throughput and offer flexibility of sample size.

Simple to use – reliable performance

System control uses a clear touch-screen, and the control parameters for agitation speed, time and temperature are entered via an intuitive setup wizard.

Product highlights

  • Digital control of agitation speed, time and temperature.
  • Capacity for: 16 × 20 mL, 16 × 10 mL or 16 × 2 mL vials
  • The sample tray can be heated up to 100°C, with complete enclosure of each vial for uniform temperature distribution.
  • Removable and exchangeable sample tray for easy transport and sample preparation.
  • Intuitive colour touch-screen user interface.
  • Light and easily transported.
  • Suitable for general laboratory liquid processing.
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