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Bio-VOC breath sampler

Bio-VOC sampler

Non-invasive tube-based biological monitoring

Based on pioneering work carried out at the UK Health & Safety Laboratory, Markes’ Bio-VOC™ breath sampler is a simple-to-use device designed for non-invasive biological exposure monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Constructed of safe, non-emitting plastic, the Bio-VOC can be operated with minimal training and without medically qualified staff in attendance.

Each Bio-VOC is supplied with a disposable cardboard mouthpiece (additional packs of mouthpieces are available). The sampler collects a representative sample of end-tidal air, without contamination or dilution with breath from the bronchial tubes or mouth.

Once the breath has been collected, a screw-in plunger is used to steadily discharge the sample into a sorbent tube (or a direct read-out instrument).

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C-B100M Disposable cardboard mouthpieces, pk 100 Contact your local distributor for pricing
C-BIO01 Bio-VOC Breath Sampler, pk 1 Contact your local distributor for pricing
C-BIO10 Bio-VOC Breath Sampler, pk 10 Contact your local distributor for pricing
C-BIO50 Bio-VOC Breath Sampler, pk 50 Contact your local distributor for pricing
C-BIO100 Bio-VOC Breath Sampler, pk 100 Contact your local distributor for pricing

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