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BioVOC-2 breath sampler

For non-invasive tube-based breath analysis

Markes’ BioVOC-2™ breath sampler is a lightweight and simple-to-use device designed for non-invasive biological exposure monitoring of VOCs. Using a design pioneered by the UK Health & Safety Executive, BioVOC-2  collects the last 129 mL of expiratory breath for transfer to a sorbent tube for analysis via thermal desorption.

Constructed of safe, non-emitting, non-binding plastic, BioVOC-2 can be operated with minimal training and without medically qualified staff in attendance. It is suitable for large-scale screening of populations. It can be applied to clinical research, occupational health monitoring and assessing exposure of the public to VOCs.

BioVOC-2  can be used multiple times for one participant within a single sampling session and consists of:

  • The BioVOC-2 body to collect the breath sample
  • A disposable cardboard mouthpiece to avoid mouth contact with the BioVOC-2 body
  • A plunger with non-return valve for transferring the breath sample to a sorbent tube
  • A bung to ensure the sample is retained before transfer to a sorbent tube

BioVOC-2 is compatible with any industry-standard 3½” x ¼” sorbent tube and replaces the original Bio-VOC breath sampler developed by Markes.

Breath analysis is an important part of our medical research studies. Having a device that allows for the rapid, simple and patient friendly collection of breath are key requirements of these projects. Markes' Bio-VOC fulfils these roles and more. It has been a cornerstone of our research effort in this area for almost five years.
Professor James Covington
School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK

Download the Application Note: Application Note 147: Breath sampling for clinical research and occupational health monitoring.

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Video: How to take a breath sample with the BioVOC-2

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