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Direct Inlet Accessory

U-INLETThe Direct Inlet Accessory can be added to any manual UNITY TD platform (series 1 or 2). It provides a simple and convenient mechanism for direct introduction of headspace vapours from a wide range of bulk sample containers.

The Direct Inlet Accessory comprises a purge line (which can be used to direct carrier gas into the sample vessel) and a heated inert sampling line through which headspace vapours are pumped or purged straight into the UNITY cold trap.

Versatile sampling – from headspace vials to bell jars

Compatible sample vessels include smaller, sealed containers (e.g. headspace vials or reaction vessels), and open or compressible containers such as bell jars or gas sampling bags. If sampling is to be performed from a non-pressurised system, i.e. ambient air or a gas sampling bag, then a pump is required to draw sample through the system (e.g. the U-ASPM1 or U-ASPM2).

Semi-continuous sampling

The Direct Inlet Accessory can also be used to sample vapours from the same vessel semi-continuously in a user-defined sequence. This is either done to increase the volume of vapour sampled, thus enhancing sensitivity, or to monitor vapour composition changes over time.

U-ASPM1 Pump, 115 V, for unpressurised samples Contact your local distributor for pricing
U-ASPM2 Pump, 230 V, for unpressurised samples Contact your local distributor for pricing
U-INLET Universal Heated Inlet Accessory Contact your local distributor for pricing

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