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Thermal desorption sorbent tubes for air sampling

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Backed up by fast and friendly service, Markes’ tubes provide optimum sampling and analytical performance. Our range includes everything from cost-effective packages of industry-standard tubes to the last word in sorbent tube innovation.
  • Our industry-standard (3½-inch (89 mm) long x ¼-inch (6.4 mm) o.d.) sorbent tubes are available in stainless steel, inert-coated stainless steel and glass.

  • Compatible with thermal desorption instruments manufactured by Markes International, PerkinElmer and Shimadzu.

  • All tubes are permanently labelled with a unique serial number, barcode and sampling flow arrow, so that they are easy to use and track.

  • Further labelling options for tube tracking – includes laser-etching, banding and RFID-tagging (TubeTAG™).

  • Diffusion-locking SafeLok™ options for additional peace of mind.

  • Stringent quality control – our tubes are packed to a tolerance of ±2.5% or better.

  • Application-specific sorbent tubes – optimally packed for applications ranging from air toxics to material emssions testing.

  • Our sorbent tubes can also be ordered conditioned and capped, so that they’re ready for use on arrival.

  • All our sorbent tubes can be supplied: empty for you to pack yourself (or for direct desorption); pre-packed with one sorbent bed for diffusive (passive) monitoring applications; or pre-packed with up to three sorbent beds for pumped (active) monitoring applications.

  • We also supply 4½-inch DAAMS tubes – contact us for details.

Customised tubes

Should you not find the tubes you’re looking for, why not consider our custom service? Simply contact us if you’re interested in:

  • Alternative sorbent mesh sizes, bed lengths, or packing mixes.

  • Our tube unpacking and repacking service.

  • Our conditioning service for existing tubes.

  • Any other query you may have! ​

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