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Application Notes – Defence and forensic

Application Note 044: The analysis of free-VX from sorbent tubes at low and sub-nanogram levels
This Application Note shows how the UNITY thermal desorber in conjunction with GC–FPD can be used to detect sub-nanogram levels of the nerve agent VX. The use of Markes’ re-collection facility to assist system validation is demonstrated.
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Application Note 045: Detection of trace levels of drugs in dust by TD–GC–MS
This Application Note demonstrates the successful detection of trace levels of several drugs of abuse by direct desorption of a sample of household dust and analysis by thermal desorption (TD)–GC–MS.
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Application Note 063: Continuous monitoring of trace-level toxic chemicals in air
This Application Note discusses Markes’ TT24-7™ instrument for continuous on-line and near-real-time sampling of airborne chemical warfare agents. Examples include the evaluation of performance for trace-level agents such as HD (mustard) and free-VX.
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Application Note 134: Rapid forensic analysis of fire debris using headspace sampling onto sorbent tubes with TD–GC–MS
This Application Note describes the analysis of ignitable liquid residues (ILRs) from fire debris, using static or dynamic headspace sampling onto sorbent tubes, in conjunction with thermal desorption–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (TD–GC–MS). Key points demonstrated are the ease with which samples can be compared and conditions optimised, the benefits of sample re-collection for repeat analysis, and the very low levels of carryover (even for heavy petroleum distillates).
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