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Application Notes – General topics & overviews

Application Note 003: National and international standard methods relating to speciated monitoring of vapour-phase organic compounds in air
This Application Note is a summary listing of key nationally and internationally approved standard methods relating to monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air. The methods covered range from the widely-used US EPA, ISO and ASTM methods, to more specialist industry-specific methods and guidelines.
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Application Note 004: Publications citing Markes’ TD products
This Application Note is a compilation of publications and representative presentations that cite Markes’ thermal desorption (TD) products. The aim is to allow the reader to quickly identify relevant citations in the literature, as well as to demonstrate the versatility of Markes’ equipment across the whole range of VOC analytical applications.
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Application Note 012: Analytical thermal desorption: History, technical aspects and application range
This Application Note summarises the history of thermal desorption (TD), and describes the technological advances that have led to it becoming the foremost sample introduction methodology for GC. A comprehensive overview of the applications of TD is given, followed by discussion of MS technologies that enhance its power and application range.
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Application Note 027: A review of sorbent-based sampling methods for VOCs and SVOCs in air
This Application Note presents the current state-of-the-art in thermal desorption methodology, and describes recent developments in areas such as sorbent research, sampler design, approaches to analytical quality assurance and on-tube derivatisation.
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Application Note 060: The complementary roles of thermal desorption and other sample introduction technologies for GC
This Application Note provides a brief overview of each of the main GC ‘front-end’ technologies, including equilibrium headspace, purge-and-trap, headspace with thermal desorption, solvent extraction, solid-phase extraction and thermal desorption. The advantages, limitations and applications of each are summarised
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Application Note 127: The application of thermal desorption to chemical ecology
The field of chemical ecology has expanded rapidly in recent decades, and offers fascinating insights into the complex interactions involving plants, microorganisms and animals. Thermal desorption (TD), in conjunction with gas chromatography (GC), is a useful technique for analysis of trace-level volatiles from living organisms, and in this overview we describe the key features that make it valuable and the various sampling techniques with which it is compatible. We then illustrate the scope of its application by surveying the recent scientific literature.
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