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Application Notes – Human health

Application Note 013: The Bio-VOC – A low-cost, simple device for biological monitoring of VOCs in breath
This Application Note describes an easy-to-use device for capturing the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from breath on sorbent-packed thermal desorption tubes. Examples are provided of how this approach can be applied to a range of health-related applications, including clinical diagnosis and personal exposure monitoring.
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Application Note 018: Developments in the determination of nitrous oxide using TD–GC
This Application Note describes the development of a thermal desorption (TD) method for the determination of the anaesthetic nitrous oxide, sampled both passively and by breath sampling using Markes’ Bio-VOC™. The personal exposure of midwives was monitored using tubes packed with zeolite molecular sieves, and conditions adapted to minimise introduction of water into the analytical system.
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Application Note 038: Occupational exposure limit levels for VOCs compatible with TD–GC
This Application Note tabulates those chemicals with ‘standard’ occupational exposure limits at or below 10 ppm that are compatible with analysis by thermal desorption (TD)–GC. It also provides information on sorbents, sampling methods and safe sampling volumes (SSVs).
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Application Note 041: Analysis of the residual solvent dimethyl sulfoxide in a drug precursor
This Application Note describes the development of a direct thermal desorption method to analyse residual dimethyl sulfoxide in a drug precursor. An excellent recovery is demonstrated, with less than 3% carryover upon repeat desorption of the same sample.
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