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Application Notes – Human health

Application Note 018: Determination of nitrous oxide using TD–GC
This Application Note describes the development of a thermal desorption (TD) method for the determination of the anaesthetic nitrous oxide, sampled both passively and by breath sampling using Markes’ Bio-VOC. The personal exposure of midwives was monitored using tubes packed with zeolite molecular sieves, and conditions adapted to minimise introduction of water into the analytical system.
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Application Note 041: Analysis of the residual solvent dimethyl sulfoxide in a drug precursor
This Application Note describes the development of a direct thermal desorption method to analyse residual dimethyl sulfoxide in a drug precursor. An excellent recovery is demonstrated, with less than 3% carryover upon repeat desorption of the same sample.
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Application Note 132: Monitoring VOC emissions from respiratory medical devices in accordance with the new ISO 18562 international standard
This Application Note describes the monitoring of potentially harmful volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) emitted from respiratory medical devices, in accordance with the recently-released ISO 18562 standard. The sampling protocol involves passing the air stream through the medical device and onto a sorbent-packed tube, followed by automated analysis by well-established and reliable TD–GC–MS protocols. Emissions from two sets of face-mask supply tubing and three nasal cannulas were compared, and all were found to emit VOCs, with emission levels being relatively high in the first 24 hours of use.
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Application Note 147: Breath sampling for clinical research and occupational health monitoring
In this Application Note, we describe the design and operation of the new BioVOC-2™ breath sampler, and summarise the applications of this approach, which include clinical diagnostics, occupational health monitoring, and assessing exposure of the public to VOCs.
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Application Note 148: A scalable TD–GC–MS approach for the discovery of breath biomarkers of malaria
In this application note we show how researchers are using thermal desorption with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (TD–GC–MS) to measure volatile organic biomarkers in the breath of individuals with malaria. The findings of this pilot study are very encouraging, and demonstrate that this approach is non-invasive and amenable to large-scale studies.
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