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Application Note 257: Improving the performance of SPME using trap‑based preconcentration with enrichment
This study shows that enhancing conventional SPME by using trap-based preconcentration, with enrichment by ‘sample stacking’, greatly improves the number of compounds identified, thus expanding the applicability of SPME in GC–MS analysis.
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Application Note 258: Enhancing laboratory throughput using fully automated high-capacity sorptive extraction
This report describes how laboratory throughput for sampling of volatiles from liquid or solid matrices can be more than doubled, by using HiSorb high-capacity sorptive extraction on the Centri automated multi-mode sampling and preconcentration platform.
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Application Note 259: Improving the performance of headspace sampling using trap-based preconcentration
This study shows how large-volume and splitless injections can be used to improve the sensitivity of headspace sampling without compromising chromatography, as well as simplifying method development.
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Application Note 267: Enhancing sensitivity for headspace and headspace-SPME analysis: The benefits of a trap-based approach
This short review discusses how sorbent-packed focusing traps can be used to enhance sensitivity for headspace and headspace-SPME sampling of trace-level VOCs and SVOCs, thus allowing more (and better-quality) information to be obtained from every sample. Options covered include the use of larger headspace extraction volumes, repeat extractions from a single vial, and low-split or splitless analysis. Each option is illustrated with data acquired on the automated Centri sample extraction and enrichment platform for GC–MS. Also discussed are the advantages that trapping offers for water management.
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Application Note 268: Enhancing the performance of SPME and sorptive extraction for GC–MS using trap-based preconcentration
This study shows how GC–MS performance for the sampling of aroma compounds and off-odours in beverages can be enhanced by using techniques incorporating trap-based preconcentration. The first part of the study focuses on SPME, and how trapping and enrichment can improve peak symmetry, qualitative analysis and sensitivity. The second part of the study compares these methods against automated probe-based high-capacity sorptive extraction, which as well as being operationally robust, offers improved recovery for higher-boiling compounds and an extended analyte range.
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