Innovative Technology For Trace Organic Analysis
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Please find below a list of papers available to download.

DescriptionDate AddedFile SizeDownload
Comprehensive Fragrance Profiling of Ginger, Wintergreen, and Rosemary Essential Oils by GC–TOFMS with Soft Electron Ionization (CTMS, 2016) 10 Nov 2016 943.1 Kb
Measuring Carbon Tetrachloride Atmospheric Mixing Ratios in the Central Amazon Rainforest (The Column, 2016) 12 Oct 2016 5.8 Mb
Detailed Characterization of Essential Oils by Flow-Modulated GC×GC with Tandem Ionization TOF-MS (The Column, Sept 2016) 19 Sep 2016 2.7 Mb
Improving Quality Control of Essential Oils with GC×GC–TOF-MS and “Soft” Ionization (LCGC The Column, Sept 2015) 17 Nov 2015 746.8 Kb
Combining Thermal Desorption GC and TOF-MS for the Determination of Melon VOC Profiles (CTMS, Oct 2015) 17 Nov 2015 2.1 Mb
Refinery Fenceline Monitoring – How to Comply with Method 325 [PIN, April/May 2015] 14 May 2015 2.1 Mb
The Softly-Softly Approach (The Analytical Scientists, April 2015) 7 May 2015 1.4 Mb
Extending the Compatible Analyte Volatility Range for Indoor Air Quality and Material Emissions Testing Using Multi-Bed Thermal Desorption Tubes [The Column, March 2015] 7 Apr 2015 1.9 Mb
A new outlook on soft ionization for GC–MS (Current Trends in Mass Spectrometry, March 2014) 27 Mar 2014 5.7 Mb
Current Trends in Mass Spectrometry – March 2014 20 Mar 2014 5.7 Mb
Sampling volatile organic compounds released from packaged meat (International Meat Topics, Feb 2014) 25 Feb 2014 787.3 Kb
Characterization of allergens in cosmetics by GC×GC–TOF-MS with variable-energy electron ionization (The Column, Feb 2014) 25 Feb 2014 3.2 Mb
Enhancing Sensitivity for the GC–TOF-MS Detection of Strawberry Volatiles (The Column, May 2013) 22 May 2013 5.6 Mb
High definition screening for boar taint in fatback samples using GC-MS [CTMS, July 2011] 22 Jan 2013 2.5 Mb
Automated Analysis of Canister Air and Gas – A Cryogen-free Solution (Int. Labmate, Jan/Feb 2012) 10 Feb 2012 1.1 Mb
Einsatz einer Micro-Chamber zur Untersuchung der Emissionen flüchtiger organischer Verbindungen (VOC) (Labo, March 2010) 30 Apr 2010 491.5 Kb
Chemical/Biological Agent Resistance Test (CBART) Sampling Train and Near Real-Time Analytical System (Battelle Hazardous Material Research Center) 16 Dec 2009 643.9 Kb
Chemical Warfare Agents and Use of Thermal Desorption-GC-MS to Achieve Improved Trace-level Detection (LC-GC Homeland Security Supplement, April 2009) 5 May 2009 5.1 Mb
Enhanced GC-MS aroma profiling using thermal desorption technologies (Separation Science, September 2008) 11 Sep 2008 3.6 Mb
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