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Please find below a selection of videos featuring a range of our products.

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Video made for the SelectScience virtual analytical summit, April 2020. Showcasing the products and application areas for Markes International and SepSolve Analytical (Schauenburg Analytics Ltd companies)


Analysis of VOCs in Foodstuffs Using TD-GC-TOF MS

Watch this exclusive video to see how Dr Carsten Müller, from Cardiff University, profiles volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the headspace of packaged food in order to determine shelf-life.

The development of the thermal desorption, GC-MS and time-of-flight instrumentation as a single unit has given access to remote sampling, as well as repeat measurements of biologically active compounds.

This research is in collaboration Dr Hilary Rogers as part of the European QUAFETY project.


BenchTOF-Select with Select-eV® – Shaping the future of GC–MS

Select-eV, Markes’ variable-energy ion-source technology, breaks new ground in the field of GC–MS. It allows the production of reference-quality electron ionisation mass spectra with conventional full-fragmentation patterns, and repeatable ‘soft-ionisation’ spectra exhibiting reduced fragmentation and an enhanced molecular ion.

Lowering the energy of electron ionisation usually causes a dramatic drop in sensitivity, but Select-eV overcomes this problem. This makes it perfect for any GC–MS analyst needing further confirmation of compound identity, or wanting to distinguish between compounds with spectra that are very similar at 70 eV. Select-eV comes as standard with BenchTOF-Select time-of-flight mass spectrometers, but is also available as an upgrade to BenchTOF-HD.


TargetView – An introduction


This video introduces TargetView and explains how it speeds up the process of identifying both target and non-target compounds in complex GC–MS profiles. The video emphasises the rapidity and accuracy of compound identification, the ease of integration with commercial libraries such as NIST, and TargetView’s compatibility with a variety of file types.


TargetView tutorials

TargetView tutorial – 1. Starting a Project

This tutorial video shows the process of setting up and running a new project within TargetView. Features covered include creating a new project, importing files, and comparing a chromatogram against a target library.

TargetView tutorial – 2. Identifying Targets

This tutorial video introduces TargetView’s interactive chromatogram, and demonstrates how to view the compounds identified following a target search. Features covered include zooming, viewing elution profiles and mass spectra, and generating the target report.

TargetView tutorial – 3. Identifying Unknowns

This tutorial video shows how TargetView can be used to identify all components, whether targets or non-targets (often called ‘unknowns’). Features covered include how to change the display to highlight all the components distinguished by TargetView, identifying individual unknowns, and running an automated ‘all-component’ search.

TargetView tutorial – 4. Library Manipulation

This tutorial video summarises the creation and manipulation of libraries within TargetView. Features covered include importing spectra from NIST, creating library entries directly from deconvolved spectra, editing data associated with library entries, and merging them into larger libraries.

TargetView tutorial – 5. Batch Processing

This tutorial video describes the process of batch-processing multiple chromatograms against a single target library with identical settings. Features covered include selecting files, adjusting settings and viewing the target reports.

Inside the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant Laboratory


Step inside the Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant Lab to learn about how the lab provides crucial air monitoring and other services needed to keep workers safe and to protect the environment.

Odournet – High-resolution TD–GC–TOF MS

An overview of Markes’ thermal desorption and mass spectrometry products for trace odour analysis by Odournet.

The Odournet GC–MS lab has capabilities to carry out a wide range of molecular odour evaluation tests, which have been specifically developed for use in environmental odour assessments, health impact studies or in product and material testing.


University of Warwick – Disease diagnosis


Researchers at the University of Warwick have taken high tech gas sensors normally used to test components for premium cars and applied the same techniques to human blood, human urine, and even cow dung samples from local cow pats. The results could lead to a new high tech medical tool that could provide a fast diagnosis for some of the most difficult gastrointestinal illnesses and metabolic diseases.

Analytical instruments used in this study were the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor, ULTRA-UNITY automated thermal desorption system coupled with GC-MS.

Markes International product showcase


Mass Spectrometry for GC with Select-eV technology

Watch this video to listen to Markes’ TOF MS specialist Bob Green talk about Select-eV, our new variable-energy ion-source technology for BenchTOF time-of-flight mass spectrometers. Select-eV enables switching from normal 70 eV ionisation to lower, ‘softer’ energies, without loss in sensitivity. This is achieved in a single source without reagent gases, and overcomes the limitations seen with other mass spectrometer designs.

Interview filmed by SelectScience at Analytica 2014.

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