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Defence and forensic applications

Stockpiled and non-stockpiled chemical warfare agents
Military sites used to store and dispose of chemical weapons need to be routinely monitored to ensure the containment of agent and the safety of personnel. Both the stockpiles themselves and associated materials and equipment need to be monitored for the presence of chemical agent, with two thermal desorption sampling protocols being routinely employed – near-real-time monitoring and off-line monitoring with TD or DAAMS tubes.
Chemical agent research
To counter the hazard posed by chemical agents, research continues into how they interact with materials, for example to develop and improve protective equipment. Microchamber-based equipment for thermal desorption, specifically developed for sampling emissions from materials, can be very useful in this regard.
Homeland security
Airborne nerve agents are toxic at extremely low concentrations, and for this reason the near-real-time systems used to detect them in military and civilian facilities need to employ an efficient means of pre-concentration. This need is met by on-line monitoring with thermal desorption, which additionally can provide rapid response times and data free from ‘blind spots’.
Forensic evidence to be used in court demands both minimal sample preparation and (particularly in cases where explosives are suspected) a reliably inert analytical system. Thermal desorption is able to address this dual challenge, with a range of sampling protocols available to suit the sample type and the analytes of interest.
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