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Volatiles from food 
Aroma-profiling food has long been of importance to identify the components that provide them with desirable (or undesirable) characters. However, food poses a challenge for the analyst, not only because it is necessary to separate the volatiles from bulk components, but because the distinctive aroma of a particular product can often result from one or two trace-level compounds with a disproportionately high odour-activity.
Volatiles from liquids
A wide range of volatile components contribute to the characteristic flavours of beverages such as fruit juice and wine, and obtaining a full understanding of these compounds can help manufacturers to identify the factors affecting customer perception. A range of sampling techniques are now available that help the analyst separate the volatile components from potential interferents such as water, ethanol or acetic acid, while minimising time-consuming sample preparation.
Fragranced products
Analysis of fragranced products such as perfumes, tobacco, toiletries, cleaning products and air fresheners is of great importance for manufacturers, who rely on their products consistently meeting customer expectations. As is the case for food, it is necessary to choose the analytical technique with care, in order to separate the volatiles from bulk components, while being able to detect those trace-level compounds that have the most impact on the overall fragrance. 
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